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Shutting it All Down
By Professor X

I was wondering how long it would be before the masters of the Universe moved on full-scale internet censorship, given the fact that information about the global conspiracy to destroy us has been getting out. Now high school students can “know” who is doing what in minutes, where it took us in the past years to read hard-to-get books.

“Arbitrary” decisions, they say, have been made:


Ok, this may not be our kind of guy, but once they have disposed of his types, they work down the list, and you can be sure that we self defense nuts are on it. Look, across the world, this Fabian strategy was practiced with gun control, until there are none. Then they started on melee weapons and rumour has it that unarmed self defense is next to be facing restrictions, although this will be more difficult and the Chinese commos had problems controlling underground martial arts training.

At the moment, the Deep State is going the full ape-shit on closing down the internet, communist China-style, all under the guise of promoting freedom from violence, while of course, nothing was ever done about Left violence, because, well, that’s their useful idiots:

Anyway, the internet has done its damage, and I always felt that it was just a matter of time before they closed it down. It is amazing that it has lasted this long. The future will be back to hard copy leaflets, or everybody just gives up and allows their hearts to be ritualistically stabbed, as in Franz Kafka’s “Der Process’ (1925): "K. knew then precisely, that it would have been his duty to take the knife... and thrust it into himself." He does not take the knife. One of the men holds his shoulder and pulls him up and the other man stabs him in the heart and twists the knife twice. K.'s last words are: "Like a dog!"

Yes, it is a dog’s life now.

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DonnieAugust 19, 2017 8:41 PM UTC

Typewriters. It's slow, laborious, and requires paper, postage, and envelopes, but it's secure. The Russians did it under the old Soviet empire; they called it "samizdat." Means self-publishing.

Get a functioning manual typewriter and a couple of spare ribbons for it while they're still available.
PRAugust 19, 2017 11:44 AM UTC

The internet won't go away but will only be a marketplace for politically correct vendors. Conservative sites will have to be hosted on foreign servers. All organization that truly matters is local and in-person anyway, so building flesh and blood relationships will be more possible of we don't have the outlet of the internet anymore. That said, I would like to meet you all URL.