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‘Took Away from His Master’
Two Irishmen on the Run

June 16, 1768

The Pennsylvania Gazette

Wednesday, June 8, 1768.

RUN away last Sunday night, from the subscriber, living in East Nantmell, Chester county, two Irish Servant Men;

one named WILLIAM CUMMINGS, about 35 years of age, 5 feet 9 inches high, full faced, large nose, black hair, fair complexion, his head bald, and very subject to drink, if he can procure it;

he took away from his master, a white cloth coat and jacket, a fine shirt, two pair of stockings, and a pair of silver buckles belonging to his mistress;

he may appear in coarse cloathing, such a tow linen shirts, and trowsers, black stockings, &c.

The other a young man, named JAMES IRELAND, about 17 years of age, of slender stature, about 5 feet 3 inches high;

had with him, a ragged blue coat, tow petticoat trowsers, &c.

Whoever secures the said servants in any Goal, so that their master may have them again, shall receive for the said William Cummings, the sum of Forty Shillings, and for the said James Ireland, the sum of Twenty Shillings, and reasonable charges, paid by JOHN THOMPSON.


Men of varied experience, age, skills and race were more often teaming up to run away together. Also, the number of runaways in Maryland and Pennsylvania increased by a large margin between 1765 and 1775, with as many runaways in the last ten years of the Colonial Era than in the previous 40.

White in the Savage Night: A Politically Incorrect Life In Words: 2016

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