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'I Always thought You Were Crazy'
Bran Mak Sworn Engages the Crackpot Prophet

The quote below is actually a paraphrase of a discussion had with this young security guard just before we sparred in 100 degree heat for well over an hour. So it is surely not precise, but includes most of his phraseology and is accurate in tone.

Yesterday I saw a man bleeding all over the place. The sidewalk was drenched with his blood. He had his face slashed open by two men—all the way to the teeth. The responding officer did not even try to render aid. Instead he had the guy pose for evidence photographs. Seriously, I don't know how this guy was standing. His face wasn't even bleeding any more from this Joker cut. You are the first person I remember insisting that the police pledge to "serve and protect" was a lie, and here we are.

-Bran Mak Sworn

Perhaps I am insane and now seem a prophet because the world has joined me. Mayhap I am a pagan god having a nightmare and dragging the human race to Norse Hel with me where bitches will rule for eternity...

Alternately, my young paladin, try this.

I was born weirdly antisocial and picked upon instinctively by beta males since early childhood, which made me suspicious of the comprehensive mental conditioning that you have been subjected to. The world red-pilled me by sodomizing me while I was wide awake rather than while I was drugged.

I—due to the responsibility of bringing one child and adopting another into this slave matrix—succeeded in negotiating the retail food environment from bottom to top, from janitor to general manager and independent consultant. This business reflects much of the fundamental perversions of our society, being as it is staffed by its failed souls and serving all. Everyone except for banana republic dictators shop in supermarkets. Even movie stars shop in supermarkets. This is where I learned about globalism, when I stood behind the millionaire who I worked for, while a representative from COKE, the global soft drink company, threatened her.

I pulled her aside and said, "Let me throw this fat fuck out the door and we can start marketing local craft soft drinks—I'm sick of hearing him threatening you..."

She shook her heads, as much in tears over anger as impotence, for she knew that if we let our Coke prices rise to 7-11 levels that 10% of her customers would never come back and go where their brand loyalty dictated...

I could not physically threaten this man as I had done with other company reps. Yes, I assaulted salesmen, quietly, on the 18-step high deck to the office above the concrete stockroom floor, but did so nonetheless. But his company had more lawyers than Baltimore City—and much better ones. He was simply The Mouth of Sauron.

So I stood helplessly by as she rolled helplessly over and the global march of consumerism rolled onward and everforth.

As Melville opined, an oyster at the bottom of the seabed can see a lot. He just can't see the sun.

Rubbing Out Palefaces

Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback

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LaManoAugust 23, 2017 10:03 AM UTC

That's good. A bit darker than I see it, but good.

I recognize that if I don't like globalism, if I don't like representatives of big corporations threatening my living if I don't knuckle under, if I don't like the fact that I can't "dispense justice" to people who need it without the system stopping me ...

I can always go back to a place where NONE of that happens. I could move to Alaska or the Wyoming mountains or Honduras or Cameroon and live independently, hacking out my own living with my own machete, be my own boss, procure my own food and shelter, and live WITHOUT some misplaced corporate woman taking out her infertile feminist frustrations and control addiction on ME.

I could make my own alliances with the locals, be a friend or a leader, have my own little tribe, and THEN dispense justice as necessary.

But it's not dark enough for me yet.