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In Harm City
Heroes Live and Mightily Strive

The Baltimore Sun spake a part truth this morning, that nearly half of Maryland students failed their basic math and English tests.

My roommate, however was enraged, for as I pointed to the rising numbers on the headline, he said, "Of course, you have to dig for the truth. Outside of Baltimore City test scores are not good, but not any worse. In Baltimore City only 15% of the students can pass the English exam and only 11% the math! This is ridiculous!"

Feeling like Howard reminding Lovecraft of the failings of sissy Civilization, I championed the return to barbarism, "Our kill to hit ratio is 10 times better than Chicago! Our boys are crushing it! Who has time for homework when you're slinging lead downrange?"

We capped eight negroes on Monday. In Chicago that means a 50% chance of one dead. But in Baltimore, that typically means 3 fatalities!

Below are the most recent standings for the urban league team that stands alone, swinging for the blood-spattered fences while Chicago, Oakland and Houston try to get on base and New York and LA bunt with no one on!

The Harm City Hoodrats are hitting at 227 with two kills out of 8 shootings on Monday. Let's hope that this kill rate drop from .334 down to .250 is only temporary.

Polar Bear Season is back in early with the death of James Wellman on Holbrook.

Skulker Jones: A Tale of Dark Deviltry at the End of Caucasian Time

Skulker Jones is the sequel to A Hoodrat Halloween and an urban horror tale of a failed man looking for a final saving grace.

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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