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Like a Woman in an SUV
A Discussion of Proxy Force with Lynn Lockhart: Crackpot Podcast Episode 6.1 and 6.2

Like a Woman in an SUV

Episode 6.1


How do police protect criminals?

Imperial scale government uses proxy forces

Locals are the proximate force, always more effective

Examples: Alexander, Conquistadores

Police psychology

Like a woman in an SUV

White privilege


Career opportunities in the Baltimore crime scene

Janissaries Were Sickos

Episode 6.2


The gang vs. the government

Egyptians used foreign security force

Ottoman use of Janissaries

Outside police forces


Alexander's three element army I mistakenly call his horse companions the anvil, when they were the hammer to the phalanx's anvil.

Alexander succeeded by reducing scale

Empire government is removed from the people, middle layers of government can be infiltrated

CIA is rogue

The Christian Hero King

Police corruption

Third World status

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