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‘It’s Fake, It’s LARPing’
Greg Johnson versus Vox Day: A National Socialist versus Alt-Right Debate, Moderated by Tara McCarthy

Vox Day gets the stage first and my measure of him has increased a great deal with his presentation. I always thought that National Socialism was socialism, so his case does not surprise but informs. In my mind any form of socialism is bitch-think for women and squibs.

Greg narrows the threat against the European remnant down to Anglo-Saxon capitalism, which I believe is the common threat to all humanity, the core ideology of consumerist materialism that consigned one to three million white children to hellish deaths in Plantation America.

“If you understand liberalism as a left-wing movement” was Greg’s best point, that our entire political compass is oriented to the natural Left. “a soft, pervasive totalitarianism…a meta-political battle…” are tactically sound assessments.

Do you want an effective political organism to stand for you, Whiteman?

My opinion is, that what you need is a thinker like Johnson, behind a fixer like Day, behind an Alpha-male with a functional lizard brain.

Realistically, in the end, if Day and/or Johnson ever find their ideas embodied in an effective political party, they will both be taken separately to a well-lit room and made to sign off on various interpretations of their earlier work. They will then be taken to a lonely place and never be seen or heard from again. The fate of such men, should their political desires bear fruit, will be having the henchmen of those they advised on the road to power snuff out their lives.

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Sam J.August 27, 2017 4:16 PM UTC

"...Governments can't cancel their debts so easily. Banana republics have tried that in the past, and the predictable happens. The moment the defaulting nation has to approach capital markets again for funds, or their citizens look for investors, the default is waved in front of their faces and the doors close..."

You're propping up things I haven't said to knock them down. The US and all the Latin American countries have welshed on their debts numerous times and they still lend them money. In China and Japans case there is no outside financier so wiping out the debt has nothing to do with any others.

I never said I was for Communism. I talked about the system they've moved to now. The Chinese lost a lot of time with Mao so they're coming from a very low level up.

"...Fed's structure per se is a red herring; its profits are entirely devolved to Treasury..."

You're missing the point. Their clients, the banks, their buddies, can have all the cash they want for essentially nothing.

"...Hitler's economic programs would have ended in disaster in any case..."

Assumption. The Germans did relatively well after the war even though the country was partitioned and knocked down. If they could make that work why couldn't they have made it work before they were knocked down?

"...I'm not interested in swapping a Jewish overlord just to bring in another..."

Presuming I want one???? I like qualified voters, Representative Democracy for my governmental system with Corporations not allowed to give money to politicians and not claiming they are people. I want the banks capital, propped up by the taxpayer, to go to building business and not speculation, derivatives, taking over companies and such nonsense. What the Japanese have done while not perfect is much better than what we have.

I want to take parts of what other countries have made work and graft it onto our system. I repeat that the closet economy to the Nazi's is the present Japanese economy and they're not doing bad at all.
BobAugust 26, 2017 11:54 PM UTC

Governments can't cancel their debts so easily. Banana republics have tried that in the past, and the predictable happens. The moment the defaulting nation has to approach capital markets again for funds, or their citizens look for investors, the default is waved in front of their faces and the doors close.

Our debt is both public and private. (The banking cartel enjoys stealing purchasing power via inflation from ordinary citizens, but the Fed's structure per se is a red herring; its profits are entirely devolved to Treasury).

I don't see anything very enviable about the Chinese system. It's better that the appalling communist regime with its countless million victims, but the Party still runs all important sectors for its exclusive benefit, with the private sector dependent on currying favor with officials. The Party cares only for its own. Not hostile in the ethnic sense the way the Jews are, but just as determined not to cede power. And much of those public works are just waste. Useless to all but well-connected construction companies and their Party enablers. Meantime, look at the disastrous industrialization; air, food and water quality that borders on life-threatening. All because the Party favors the exporters over the average citizen and cares for nothing but extracting as much as possible from their commercial joint-ventures.

Hitler's economic programs would have ended in disaster in any case; Germany's gold reserves had largely been depleted by the time the war broke out. Then getting into a war turned a debt problem into a survival one. And look how that turned out. (Germany only paid off WWI debt in 2010, to put thing in perspective).

I'm not interested in swapping a Jewish overlord just to bring in another. Enough kowtowing.
Sam J.August 26, 2017 3:49 PM UTC

Bob I'm not saying you're wrong but you haven't provided the information that their economy doesn't work like ours. If they have too much debt...well it's owned by the State and can be wiped out at the stroke of a pen. Our debt is owed to a private company mostly run by the Jews and Globalist who can ruin us. They used their control of the money supply to buy all the productive parts of the economy. During the 80's with junk bonds and recently with the bank bail out they went into overdrive. They own everything by printing money in our names while they get all the benefit.

Comparing situations is useful. We had a country jammed full of resources, oil, minerals, etc. and the average guy owns next to none of this today. In Japan and China they spread around the wealth. Mainly because they don't have an elite that completely despises their own people.

That being said I don't want to live in a Chinese or Japanese type society but I would like to steal a few of their better working societal parts and use them here. A lot of their ideas come from the American system of tariffs and the the Nazi system of banks in cahoots with large corporations. Maybe the Nazis are the most evil people ever, maybe not but the Germans went from using wheel barrows of cash to buy a loaf of bread when the Jews ran their country, to taking vacations during the depression when Hitler ran the country while American farmers were hanging theirselves in their barns. If your a farmer about to hang himself in a barn it's hard to argue that the German way was worse. Where Hitler goofed was in attacking Poland and Russia. Looks to me like their setting up the US to attack someone we don't need to so they can finish us off.

"... I think you can get a sense of this from the vast numbers of empty apartment buildings, offices and useless infrastructure, projects...."

What if the Jews built these so that when they collapse the American economy they can move there? Not saying this is so but it's as good an explanation as any. Let's measure the cost of these empty cites against continuous Jew wars in Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. Who comes out to have spent their money better?

Let's look at Japan. The Japanese aren't braggarts like Westerners. They constantly downplay their countries wealth. Notice the population has been dramatically falling. Major...yet their economy still grows, slowly but it grows. So per "worker" it's growing quite nicely. The press is full of idiots so they never talk about this sort of thing.Try reading some of Eamonn Fingleton's work.

"...China has got serious, serious economic problems..."

I used to think this and said so, yet they keep growing by using the money they borrow to build nuclear power plants, train systems, chemical factories, infrastructure. You know we used to do this. Now we only go in debt so that the people at the top can buy a company and strip it. Our debt is wars for Israel. So even if China does fall they will have highways and high speed trains we will have... nothing, nothing at all.
BobAugust 25, 2017 11:50 PM UTC

China has got serious, serious economic problems. They're not going to be the USA of the future. I think you can get a sense of this from the vast numbers of empty apartment buildings, offices and useless infrastructure, projects. These have been driven by government policy, largely for the benefit of cadres. They're likely to stay empty. And there is the problem of debt. Total debt exceeds 3X GDP.

Japan's got a latent public debt problem, though this has been mitigated by interest rate of close to zero (meaning risk can only rise), and the fact that the debt is held by Japanese nationals, not foreigners. Taxes and regulations in Japan are not as onerous as many Western nations. In addition, Japan has an enormous amount of accumulated capital and a modest money supply growth, both of which stand it in better stead than China.

The USSR would have gone bankrupt decades before it did had the US not provided economic aid. This started with Roosevelt and continued long into the Cold War. The (((black market))) ensured that the socialism didn't deliver Cambodian degrees of poverty (though the period prior to Lenin's liberalizing New Economic Policy did see widespread hunger and economic disarray). Only leftist humanities professors in rich Western countries still believe in the Workers' Paradise.
Sam J.August 25, 2017 1:17 PM UTC

I'm supposed to shut up but...

"...In any case, socialism is dysgenic..."

First I'm not advocating for Socialism or Nazism or any of that. I'm just looking at what is real or not. Is the above statement been proven to be true?

The USSR with less population, WAY less wealth gave the far more prosperous combined free world a good run for their money for decades. They didn't win but I remember a time where people wrote that we were doomed to lose because we were psychologically weaker than the Russians.

Where you misunderstand is that everyone doesn't value their lives by money or stuff. It's always about "status". In Japan the leaders of companies make way less than American companies but they have BIG status. In the US we've confused money with status. It's not the same. Right now it's a strong marker but it's still not the same.

Here's a short post by Giovanni Dannato, The "Mechanics of Status". Giovanni is a real serious genius of this sort of philosophy and he seems to look at society like an outsider.

If you want to look at the closest approximation to the Nazi economy today look at Japan and China. They are almost pure Nazi economics.
BobAugust 24, 2017 11:32 PM UTC

Consumerism is a by-product of an unsound money. The real defeat of traditional Western civilization occurred at Jekyll Island in 1913, when the era of paper money was (partially) ushered in. If it weren't for vast money-printing (inflation) and programs had to actually be paid for out of taxes, none of the useless wars and welfare gibs would be politically possible. Instead, enormous debts have ensured that future generations will pay for the wilful extravagance of past ones.
BobAugust 24, 2017 10:58 PM UTC

Fans of fascism tend to be ignorant of economics (like Johnson) and so judge the Nazi era superficially. Reason Magazine is horrible on many subjects, but on fascist economics, it strikes a true chord.

In any case, socialism is dysgenic. Social Darwinism oversaw a rising trend in median IQ; the more productive, smarter, parsimonious, industrious and prudent had, on average, more children survive to breeding age and so pass down their genes. To the extent that genes have *some* influence on life outcomes, this provided a bias for improving standards of living. Socialism has seen a secular slide in median IQ. What's more, the family as the fundamental social institution has been weakened by the State and its munificence. This, when the Western nuclear family was never as strong as the tribal, extended one that other cultures/ethnic groups have.