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Real Vampires
Are the Ruling Elite the Subconscious Inspiration for Postmodern Vampire Mythology?

James, this is a chilling topic, one which has been leaking out into public view, with mass arrests in the Norwegian government, and many British luminaries revealed as child predators. Thank you for your courageous analysis.

I attach the word doc with my minor edits, since pulling from the front end of the blogspot gives you all kinds of weird formatting.


Lynn, I left one stone unexamined here, which relates to our recent conversations on proxy force and its corrupting influence. I will send that out next week. One note, based on the foundational methods of this nation—being child abduction, enslavement, rape, torture and killing—I suspect that there is far more of this sick stuff going on in the U.S. than in the nations you mentioned. The fact that it has not come to light or has been squashed like Pizzagate or blamed exclusively on religious folks as in The Keepers, indicates that our masters are stronger than those in Europe.


Based on a discussion with the friend whom I call...

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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RobertLAugust 26, 2017 12:28 PM UTC

There's been some recent uncurated discussion of adrenochrome, which is created in the heart during stress and if harvested and ingested gives you the lucidity and everything moving very slowly effect of an adrenalin dump without the jitters. Presumably an ancient discovery of this (possibly by the eating of enemies hearts at the culmination of a triumph) the harvesting would be ritualised, and the best sources young and tender. Hey, Aztecs!