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A Once Great City
James LaFond's Opinion of Baltimore's Mouments

The Mayor of Baltimore, a seeming rational woman, who a friend of mine recently played golf with, a successful and respectable friend who declared her to be an intelligent and measured person, had Baltimore's monuments to Confederate combatants ]one of these not being a confederate monument in any way, but depicting two Christian Soldiers riding to their ultimate doom] removed, promising to seek space for their preservation in Confederate graveyards in Maryland.

I agree with the Mayor's actions and offer the following reasons.

1. The monuments are historical treasures and were in the process of being destroyed and defaced by predominantly white students of Johns Hopkins University and other centers of higher learning in Baltimore.

2. The Lee-Jackson monument had already been mislabeled by a revisionist lie in the form of an official plaque, which is now thankfully not part of the removed bronzes.

3. The monuments to courageous warriors and soldiers who fought for four long years outnumbered, outgunned and out-supplied, barefoot against men in shoes, in rags against men in uniform, are monuments, first and foremost to human courage and fortitude, particularly of European Americans. The hundreds of thousands of European Americans who tucked tale and bunny hopped into the suburbs, because they believed in black racial superiority in combat and lacked the courage to stand and fight for their neighborhoods against the large scale black mob violence which began in 1968 and continues to this day, were and are cowards and they and their descendants do not have the moral authority to speak on matters concerning the city they and their cowardly fathers abandoned.

4. The upper class, liberal scum of Baltimore, who hate themselves for being born to the race who conquered and peopled this land, and who do not respect their white ancestors, who conquered the great white men depicted and honored in these monuments in order to preserve the Union and incidentally free the black slaves, do not deserve to have the monuments of great enemies gracing their city, for they and their kind our mean, rat-minded cowards who deserve Posterity to remember them as the sons of the conquerors of nobody of account.

5. The sons of the black men who wallowed in chains and waited for white men to free them from their white masters, at the cost of a half million souls, whose fate was decided by the sons of white men who broke their own chains and fought their way out of slavery by their own efforts, do not deserve to be remembered as the slaves of great men, but as the slaves of the degenerate's who currently walk them puppet-like across the stage of a passing age into a soulless oblivion.

Baltimore, once great, once again a city of cowards, now a city of nightmare savages and sissy dreamers, is, and has always been, EVIL—from the time Baltimore Town was an Ironworking and tobacco-shipping center dedicated to the enslavement of white men, to its present state of decadent despair, once and always rotten to its swampy core, Baltimore does not deserve to linger in the shadow of great men.

May their images and memorials rest in grace in some grass-lit place.

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Ruben ChandlerAugust 27, 2017 5:37 PM UTC

Tear down the pyramids...........they were built by slave labor