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Our White Mistress
And Her Black Dog: Liberal White Government Emasculates Black Men in MTA Commercial

Last night, 8/25/17, I was on one of the few buses that had any other passengers. It was almost half full, a rarity these days. It did, however lack most of the paper posters that occupy the overhead slots above the seats for view by idle passengers across the aisle. There was only one poster and it was astonishing in its clear message as to who The State of Maryland wishes to assign moral authority to, and who it wants as its bully-boys and hound dogs.

The poster is very well made and features the blue uniforms of the wearers in serene contrast.

As with all recruiting government posters, from medical to military, those targeted for inclusion are graphically depicted. For instant, military posters will tend to the entire rainbow, while medical posters tend to feature a specific demographic.

The text reads:




The graphic on the home page linked to above is of the broad-based military type, with people of the various genders and races common to the area being policed represented. Also represented in the graphic above is the distinctive black police cars of the MTA cops, some of which were famously burned as their cowardly officers abandoned them to the mob in April 2015. The graphic above presents the face the MTA wants to show the world.

However, the graphic depicted in the actionable piece of recruiting propaganda on the bus depicts what the political masters over the MTA envision as the Future World Order.

In the foreground is a smiling, black, MTA cop, in tactical gear, grinning like a Jim Crow cartoon, a stepping en fetching houseboy if I ever saw one.

In the background is a photo of a handsome, thin, natural blonde woman with pale skin and a butch haircut, looking down on the grinning tactical cop with stern judgment, fairly reeking of oral authority.

As an honorary black man I am offended!

This reminds me of two things:

1. For over a decade, anytime my long time black lady friend, Ajay and I have dined out, we have noticed that blacks and whites alike, male and female, give us looks of disapproval, as if a black woman and white man should never be together. However, there are always numerous mixed race couples at these places in which the man is black, and these people get no dirty looks. This is strongly enforced social norm in Baltimore. According to our own, informal, 7 year survey, mixed couples with black men out number mixed couples with white men in and around Baltimore by an 8-1 margin.

4. There are currently 4 news stations broadcasting out of Baltimore. The staffing is insidiously suggestive of a social orientation towards assertive, white women served by black beta males, advised by specialized white men, all served by the black and Asian and Latina servant girl on the street with mike in hand.

The anchor man is always black, usually light skinned.

The anchor woman is always white, usually blonde.

The anchor woman's head is always as high or higher than the man's, despite his greater height.

White men are used as sports casters and weather men, white devil at your service.

Almost all street reporters are women of color.

This casting scheme holds true across all 4 networks in this locale and is certainly not designed to comfort viewers, as most viewers are females of all varieties and white males. This scheme is meat-puppet propaganda for promoting the future world order, feminist and feminized judgment and perspective and male subservience in the form of the black man, who has been more ruthlessly emasculated by U.S. government policy than other men.

The power dynamics are simple and the same in news casting and government staffing.

Women are more loyal to systemized hierarchies that do not pyramid through merit but through submission.

Of the male types available to pair up with the iconic image of the stern blonde Nordic woman—who remains the world beauty standard—as her sidekick the type most broken by the system and most submissive to the female perspective, are the non-criminal black man, the fatherless man that listened to his Mamma rather than follow the example of his uncle.

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