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Degenerate Monsters
Baruch K. on Pizzagate

Via email in response to James' post Real Vampires.

Pizzagate is very interesting. It attracts a lot of obviously unhinged people (the message boards discussing it). On the other hand, a lot of the details are most parsimoniously explained by what is claimed: a ring of high-placed pedo-sadists. Really, if I were a politician, or a politician's pursemaster, those would be the people I would trust: ones who have a prominently placed handle by which they could be picked up and thrown in the trash.

On the other hand, a lot of the people you'd have to get past/around are high-functional and have a serious moral compass. Hard to believe someone would not have raised a fuss.

I've been following the Pizzagate stuff since it broke on the chans before the election (there was a fellow referred to as FBI anon who was supposedly a high ranking dude in the FBI leaking stuff in a deniable way to the chans, from where it would filter into the second tier of blogs, and eventually into the news.)

FBIAnon's q&a session is archived here:

The interesting thing is not the pedos per se but the fact that it is completely believable to an increasing segment of the American population that they are ruled by degenerate monsters.

If you believe that the people ruling you would happily rape/sacrifice children, you are in about the same moral relation to them as, say, the Afghan mujaheddin were to the Soviet invaders. With all the implications that entails.

As for your friend's [...] case, I think that something like this might be worth going to jail for. But as you point out, with a nuclear family, you've really got to weigh the cost to the family.

The evil of some people is unbelievable. And I think that if you don't weed these people out on an ongoing basis, they will take over, and your whole society will become evil, beyond redemption. Really makes one reconsider how the Bible tells us to treat certain nations-for instance, Amalekites and the seven Canaanite nations. Past a certain point, it's a write-off.

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BobAugust 27, 2017 11:52 PM UTC

There's a lot of very, very questionable material on YouTube that seems borderline grooming for pedophilia. And what's with the number of viewings? If this doesn't creep you out, nothing will.