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Masculine Taboo Definitions
A Survey Guide

The following survey method was generated by asking the question, "What is the worst thing a man could be?" and having people come up with and explain their answer. The terms used to form these categories are included.

11 categories were generated. Please fit your survey answers into one of these and email to

The Four Primal Masculine Character Flaws

Based on Jack Donovan's The Way of Men


Physical strength, stamina, energy, was never mentioned as a first or second answer.



pussy, bitch, wuss, wussy, coward, punk, wimp

Young men and the middle aged author, held this to be true.



liar, cheat, backstabber, untrustworthy, dishonorable

As Ali said, "Without trust there is noting." Older people primarily held this as true.



Obtuse, stupid, clueless


These were expressions of a lack of mastery in being able to gauge the expectations of your partner, navigate socially among strangers and coworkers, lead in the work place and understand social norms and expectations and how to abide by and meet them.

The Seven Postmodern Masculine Character Flaws

Based on the first and second answer from each of the 21 people in the formative survey sample.


lazy, slacker, deadbeat, non-provider, louse, slug



asshole, meanie, cruel, bully, rapist



homo, cocksucker, butt bandit, turd burglar



psychopath, sociopath, self-serving, cold, no empathy, dispassionate


Bad Hygiene

dirty, smelly, bad hygiene, b.o.



racist, hater, color struck



pig, chauvinistic, sexist


Survey Parameters

People surveyed:

Insisted answer was general neutral:




Urban/suburban or rural?

white or blue collar?

For ana example see Masculine Taboo: Batch 1

Under the God of Things

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