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'Pilings May be Driven Only so Deeply'
The Checkered Demon on Man's Hubris

So we see the Texas bayou country being retaken again. Pilings may be driven only so deeply, and concrete falls suddenly when it fails against current. This will make Katrina forgettable in terms of timing, given our state of credit card abuse.

Edgy storm here that may just trundle East, decimating estuaries and scouring out pipelines, but could just as likely hop back towards Mexico, drowning retired Gringos in Veracruz.

Having been involved with every Gulf hurricane since Betsy, I can confidently say no mortal could presume to predict anything about this except this: extreme financial disaster.

Look to your priming, folks.

Sent...C Demon

Turd America

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Ruben ChandlerSeptember 28, 2017 12:47 AM UTC

Grabbed my copy of Turd America.........completing the trilogy for me. Another quite edifying work.