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In This Dawning Age
Beyond the Global Warming Myth and into Tyranny

Our society is structured to invalidate us as individuals and erase collective identities below the zoological scale to insure the isolation of the invalidated person. In the U.S., the capstone entity for identity erasure is FEMA, lead and staffed by thousands of unelected persons.

Anyone with a free-thinking and logical mind now knows, with a 15 year cooling trend around the world, reduced sun spot activity and now three years of increased precipitation in the east, and the first year in the west, that Global Warming was a crock of propaganda.

We are, in fact, on the brink of an ice age.

-"...a once in a 1,000 years flood in Texas."

-20 feet of snow in early June above Ishmael's mountain.

-A pass in the Sierra Nevada range snowed closed until August.

-Autumn weather in August in pestilential Baltimore—with rain every day or night, for 3 years running.

In the meantime, our masters are prepared, have been for sometime. As you wonder what the U.S. Government is going to do to deal with the flooding in Texas, keep in mind what it's ultimate contingency is.

In 1989, even as our heads were being pumped with global warming hoax-news, George H. W. Bush authorized FEMA to build 43 "primary camps" for human containment and "hundreds of secondary facilities." These amount to a 40,000-person concentration camp waiting in every state ready for initial roundups, with larger overflow facilities.

In the FEDERAL REGISTER in Washington D.C. we can read the text of Executive Order 12148, which stipulated FEMA [FEDERAL EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT AGENCY] will have executive powers in case of:

-national security emergencies

-national disasters

-social unrest


-national financial crisis

Under such circumstances FEMA is empowered to initiate the following executive orders:

-11051 empowers the following orders

-10995 seize all media

-10997 seize all mineral and fuel resources

-10998 seize all food and farms [including other "lands" and equipment for working such lands

-10999 seize all transportation equipment, vessels, as well as vehicles and highways, ports, waterways

-11000 seize all American persons for federally supervised activity, with no provisions for keeping families intact

-11001 seize all health, education and welfare facilities & personnel

-11002 empowers the Postmaster General to compile a registry of all Americans, who must report to a post office to be registered

-11003 seize all aircraft and airports

-11004 empowers the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, forbid habitation of designated areas and repopulate uninhabited areas

-11005 seize railroads, inland waterways, warehouses

-11490 The above government powers are all combined in this single order, which may be invoked by the president declaring a "state of national emergency."

Do not worry. There are historical presidents for all of this activity. Rest assured that the time tested methods of the Assyrians, Romans, Incas and Soviets are humane and effective.

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joefourAugust 30, 2017 10:05 PM UTC

A good book that makes the case for a coming ice age is Not by Fire But By Ice by Robert Felix...published a few years back in the midst of the global warming hysteria. He's a layman and has been crucified by the global warming/climate change scientific establishment...pretty much means he's gotta be right (IMHO).