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'The Maroon Van, 4th Street and Water'
Analyzing Charlottesville's Zapruder Film: the Ford Fischer LiveStream

A Bunch of Insanity that makes me think I'm not a crackpot.

Click on the first video at 2 minutes and you will see a neighbor of mine who lives over on Cedonia and just got arrested. Our local TV interviewed his black neighbor who was surprised to find out he was a "racist!"

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BobAugust 30, 2017 9:52 PM UTC

My inner conspiratard also wants to know why the Challenger's air-bag didn't seem to go off.
BobAugust 30, 2017 9:33 PM UTC

Hadn't seen the gun-shot incident, so thanks. I had watched the Ford Fischer live-stream video. The whole rally and crash reek of organized chaos. The presence of Brennan Gilmore, former psy-ops operative at the State Dept., at the precise location of the accident to recount everything and give spin was suspicious.