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‘Hearty Looking Servant Maid’
A Five Dollar Man and a Forty Shilling Maid

July 21, 1768

The Pennsylvania Gazette


BROKE out of the workhouse, in the borough and county of Chester, on the 14th of the Sixth Month, the two following servants, viz.

HENRY SMITH, an Englishman, about 23 years of age, of a fair complexion, grey eyes, light straight yellowish hair, a little marked with the small pox, a scar on his cheek, like a large pock mark, about 5 feet 7 or 8 inches high, a carpenter or wheelwright by trade, but his employ in this country has been attending a saw mill;

stole since he went away, [1] a light coloured camblet jacket, lined with cinnamon coloured tammy, a red twilled flannel waistcoat, a new beaver hat, with two stains on the brim, near the crown, of a redish colour, a pair of English ticking trowsers, two pair ditto striped linen, several fine shirts, one check ditto, a black neckcloth, several pair of thread stockings, and a new pair of neats leather shoes.

The other, a healthy, hearty looking servant maid, named MARY KENNEDY, came from Ireland, and hath pretty much of the brogue in her talk, broad face, somewhat pock fretten, black complexion, and black hair;

had on, and stole since she went away, [1] a linsey striped gown, a short check ditto, a check apron, a red and blue striped petticoat, one ditto of walnut coloured tammy, one riding ditto of walnut colour and black tammy, a black cloth cloak, with a velvet collar, no cape, one Irish linen shift, one ditto of Irish sheeting, cambrick caps, with lawn borders, a plain lawn Handkerchief, one ditto of silk, a white peeling hat, puckered over, with a white silk ribbon about the crown, a pair of calfskin pumps, one ditto of neats leather;

much more clothes they have stolen.

She is in company with the above servant, and it is thought they will pass for man and wife; they have been lurking about Thomas Waters for some weeks, in order to furnish themselves with clothes, and will now be for making off; they lie by in the day, and travel slowly in the night, breaking open spring houses and smoke houses as they go.

Whoever takes up and secures said servants in goal, so that their masters may have them again, shall have FORTY SHILLINGS for the woman, and FIVE POUNDS, reward, and reasonable charges, for the man, if taken up within 25 miles of Chester, or the above reward for both, if further off, paid by WILLIAM PETERS, and THOMAS WATERS.


1. The clothes they were wearing are included in the list of stolen goods, their every stockings and shoes owned by their owners. Thus escaped by any means other than naked would incur theft charges as well as runaway fees and time owed the master.

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