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'I'll Be Bach...'
Andrew Anglin is Back up and Running

It seems clear to me that some of the yuppie-type "White Nationalists," you know, the well-groomed guys, are either Deep State agents trying to foment violent unrest on behalf of young white men, or are globalist double agents.

However, Anglin, who I do find points of disagreement with, is so off the reservation, so far out in right field, so wedded to Hitler as a symbol of righteousness that he is doomed to demonization.

[Hitler as an ethno=nationalist paladin is something that can be rationally debated, but which cannot be used as the symbol of a successful cultural movement until another generation of Americans are permitted to come to maturity without going through public schools and broadcast TV indoctrination, besides Hitler was a German, not an American. I think Anglin should adopt Andrew Jackson, not Hitler as his paragon of political power. Speaking of which, Jackson won his war and beat the banks—he might be the man for the German's to lionize as well.]

However, having an Anglin, a guy willing to step on all toes and sneer at all sensibilities, is very important in ferretting out the Lies That Bind Us.

I am thrilled he is back and would like to thank Maureen Martin for the heads up.

If you do not think we are ruled by lies, read this disclaimer and understand that many millionaires and six figure racial advocates are trying to ruin the publisher of this gonzo, bad-taste site, which, despite its bias and sometimes crudity, delivers legit news that no one else would have touched and abides by the non-aggression principle:


We here at the Daily Stormer are opposed to violence. We seek revolution through the education of the masses. When the information is available to the people, systemic change will be inevitable and unavoidable.

Anyone suggesting or promoting violence in the comments section will be immediately banned, permanently.

The Lies That Bind Us

The Foundational Falsehoods of the American Dream

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Tex AlbrittonAugust 31, 2017 12:12 AM UTC

They got him again, as the site says...


How to access Daily Stormer

Download Tor Browser and put dstormer6em3i4km.onion in URL Bar

Make sure to follow Andrew Anglin on Gab for updates
BobAugust 30, 2017 9:08 PM UTC

Sorry, I don't buy it. Anglin is part of the System. He's useful to discredit those who wish to speak calmly and without malice about racial differences. And to redirect talk about 9/11 away from the real perpetrators. He has spoken with contempt about whites in the past, and I've never heard a retraction.