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Here you go James. Some breaking news before I go back off grid.

World War Update.

From the ‘things are tough all over’ department.

Young Chinese Too Fat And Fap Too Much

Posted on August 26, 2017 by Anonymous Conservative

China has a free resource problem:

In an online post, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) blamed overconsumption of fizzy drinks, excessive computer gaming and even masturbation for the poor health of young people.

It said physical test failure rates had reached an “alarming high”, with at least half of the candidates failing in one city.

The military has been struggling to find recruits in recent years, despite its heavy promotion of patriotic “heroes” and military TV and film dramas. 中国军网发布2016征兵宣传片:战斗宣言 (China military online release of 2016 recruitment propaganda film: Declaration on the fight)

Another article said the youth were too fat, and cited smartphones as another a problem.

Notice, all of that is dopamine. Sugary drinks, smartphones, computer games, even frequent masturbation are all both, contributors to an r-selected psychology, and symptoms of self medicating by r-strategists, who are attempting to raise dopamine levels to maintain, just like a junkie.

Even as the government tries to drive a K-psychology with propaganda emphasizing military heroes and patriotic themes, they cannot move the needle of r/K in the face of a resource glut. You cannot fight the tides of r/K. You can only exploit the momentum, and time your attacks to exploit the prevailing social moods most effectively.

It makes you wonder if what has kept China functional despite the low ratio of females to males is that the males are too deadened by the dopamine surge of modern entertainment technology and copious sugar and fat. Pull the r-stimuli, like in a societal collapse, and those psychologies could change. A sudden explosion of K, with no women and fierce competition, mixed with the normal chaos of a desperation and shortage, and China could have a mess on its hands.

Of course as a unified people with no Muslims, whatever problems they have will almost certainly be a shadow of what is awaiting us.

Race War/ Murderbowl Update

A dindu serial killer targeting old white men. Watch your six…there’s a war on and your skin is your uniform.

“A Missouri gunman accused of killing five men was apprehended after he deviated from his pattern, according to authorities. Investigators believe Fredrick Scott shot 57-year-old Steven Gibbons in the back of the head as he walked along a south Kansas City street earlier this month. The other killings took place in more secluded areas along hiking and biking trails in the area. Four of the five victims were shot in the head, three in the back of the head, according to the Kansas City Star.”

"They didn’t see it coming," Scott said about his victims while being questioned by authorities, according to the newspaper.”

“Surveillance video showed Scott following Gibbons off a bus and down a street on Aug. 13. Scott was later seen running from the scene of Gibbons' shooting and detectives linked him to the case through DNA taken from an iced tea bottle and a cigarette butt. Scott, 22, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder in connection with the deaths of Gibbons and 54-year-old John Palmer, believed to be the first of the five victims. Palmer was killed in August 2016 in a wooded area near the Indian Creek trail.”

“All the victims were middle-aged, white men. Authorities believe Scott is also responsible for the deaths of Mike Darby, 61, David Lenox, 67, and 57-year-old Timothy Rice.”!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_750/scott31n-1-web.jpg

Man suspected of killing 5 captured after deviating from pattern Man charged in two KC killings, suspect in three more: ‘They didn’t see it coming’

Bitches be Crazy update.

Mom arrested for drunk driving after son calls 911 from backseat

Anarcho-Tyranny Update.

Based Stickman is being subjected to ‘punishment by process’. Even if he beats all the charges filed against him by the DA he will have spent so much money on his legal defense that it will be the same as if he had been sentenced to pay a heavy fine.

He will also have to behave himself like he’s walking on eggs for as long as he is under indictment, lest he violate the conditions of his release and end up back in jail. In fact you just know the Deep State operators are hoping they can provoke Based Stickman into acting out in defiance of the oppressive conditions placed upon him precisely so they can slap his ass back in gaol and cause him to forfeit his bail money.

Time to lay low and husband your resources rather than waste them in inconclusive street skirmishes with the Globalist proxy thugs. You’ll need them when the collapse hits.

“Bear in mind that when behind enemy lines, you are at the mercy of the left, and they will use every piece of machinery at their disposal to take their shots in ways you cannot defend against. Take what measures you need to, to not be subject to their will.”

“This is also a measure of liberal panic at what is coming. If the left were dominant, they would not bother with this. But things are changing, and they are feeling the need to take any shots they can, anywhere they can. This will get worse as the collapse closes in, and their amygdalae enter an even higher gear, and begins driving even crazier behavior. I would not be surprised if at the breakdown, those on the right are targeted even more aggressively in leftist areas, perhaps with house searches for weapons of self-defense, imprisonment in jails with enemy illegals, and outright seizures of property and resources which were gathered before the crisis using foresight, so they may be redistributed to those who were less responsible in their preparations.”

“Get away from the left wherever you can, because they want to get the right killed, and they will do it anyway they can.”

– Anonymous Conservative.

Based Stickman Barred From Having Sticks

Race War / Vibrant Diversity Update.

Another situation where the whites “didn’t see it coming”…But by now it should be plain as a pikestaff to one and all what the Globo-Homo elite’s agenda is.

Now the best thing aware young white American patriots can do to fuck up the Globalists’ plan to replace their people with third-world savages is to make more babies (pun intended).

Fortunately where I live I’m seeing more and more white millennial couples who are doing just that. I see them out and about with two to three young children in tow. We have a fighting chance.

A tweet that says it all!

The Lies That Bind Us

The Foundational Falsehoods of the American Dream

Of Lions and Men

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ShepAugust 31, 2017 10:55 PM UTC

What I don't understand about the Case of the Slovenly Slopes is this: China is still a one-party dictatorship, and Chinese culture in general favors conformity and obedience. So why don't the kinder, gentler commissars simply implement mandatory daily physical fitness training for all their future infantrymen. Heck, even some imperialist running-dog lackeys used to do it the right way, back in those fabulous '60's: