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A Rough Day at the Yurt
Even the Khan Has His Woes

Slave girl collections are meant to be joyous assemblies of docile dolls to be taken down off the shelf when desired and to be muzzled and returned to their colorfully appointed abodes when not in use...

Such has been the afterlife of the Khan as I inhabit this fool scribe's limping carcass.

Do you people realize how many times I have spied a likely wench and mine decrepit host lacked the physical or willful fortitude to ravish her in the street like...

Yes, civilization grows vexum—yet a slave girl remains a slave girl and life lurched apace...

Then some wretch invented the smartphone and every wench has become a gorgon, every sweet woman a veritable Queen of the Damned, able to Nag across the gulfs, in such like ways. I only leave the following message as a warning to other hordesmen, other owners of the soft and dainty. I also wish to remove it from my phone, so that the haunting may not continue and also so that Uncle Chagatai might not see it and laugh:

Saturday, August 12, 11:18

"You've posted so little, I figure you must be busy with a block buster line up of grocery store bitches waiting to fuck you..."

And so it goes, the Khan acquires a scribe wench—yes, I should not have permitted her to edit my manual on slave girl management—who shows her gratitude by forever after needling him about his fetish for stout-backed peasant women!

Be warned, young Heathens, in the shadows of this endless city of night, there stalks a vextrix out there for the torment of each of thee!

Do not remove her collar!

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ShepAugust 31, 2017 10:32 PM UTC

Here's some good breeding stock for the harem. Powerful hindquarters.