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'He Sold Me for $415'
Bangladesh's Biggest Brothel - 101 East

The description of given by the kidnapped woman beginning at 2 minutes is very similar to most of what can be gleaned from the records of "indentured servants" in Plantation America.

Parents fall on hard times.

The parent or parents or an acquaintance take advantage of the young person seeking work and sell them.

Then the buyers watch over the slave in a state of paranoia that she will escape before her debt is paid off.

What amazes is that although this happens to millions of women and children around the world annually and news organizations are willing to cover it, Americans, more heavily brainwashed than most human cattle, insist that their country did not begin by such means, and that Americans slavery was purely race-based.

And so the greatest lie of our time remains buoyant in the sewer stream of the American narrative.

So Her Master May Have Her Again

A History of Runaway White Slaves in Plantation America: Part Two

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