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James LaFond on Rebel Yell
A Rambling Talk Early one Saturday Night

James was interviewed by the gentlemen at Rebel Yell a couple of weeks ago. They discuss military history, James' fighting history, Baltimore's iconoclasm and continued cataclysm, white identity, white slavery, Magna Carta, Templar conspiracy theories, and more. Listen all the way to the end for the song.

-Lynn Lockhart

Thanks, Lynn, I really liked talking with these fellows. We spoke for almost an hour [in total] before and after the recording.

I was unable to find this link on line and was not informed by anyone who could send a link, so am grateful that you found it on your own. I can't believe I actually said some of this stuff—telling truths that I am reluctant to write about online comes too easy when I'm talking with smart people like Kevin Michael Grace, these fellows, who I don't even have names for—this was strange, having a discussion with fictional people that are much more informed than any of the government-labeled people I have regular concourse and with you.

The best part of this podcast was the overture on the recent crackdown on paleface opinion, delivered by Musonius Rufus, whose "sock puppet" looks like Henry Clay after a fight. This was a piece of oratory which I think is of a high order.

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BobSeptember 4, 2017 10:01 PM UTC

A great chat. Hope you get another invite.
BobSeptember 3, 2017 9:05 PM UTC

I'll listen to it shortly, thanks. "Musonius Rufus" is at the quality end of the nationalist spectrum.