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‘Four Feet Ten Inches High’
White American Slave Boy on the Run

Delaware Gazette – Wilmington, Delaware, June 30, 1792

Samuel Starr


Ran away from the subscriber, living in Wilmington, an Apprentice lad, named SAMUEL STARR, by trade a Taylor, between 15 and 16 years of age, about four feet ten inches high, of a Sandy complexion, and pretty much Freckled;

is of a forward, talkative disposition, and has a great inclination of going to sea [1] (therefore all masters of vessels and others are forbid to harbor or carry him off) he had on and took with him a sustain Coatee and trowsers, a waistcoat and trowsers of plain olive colored cotton, two shirts, a pair of shoes with large plated buckles, and an old wool hat.

Whoever takes up and secures said apprentice, so that his master may get him again, shall receive the above reward, and i[f] brought home reasonable charges, paid by

Henry Troth.

6th mo. 28th, 1792 [2]


1. This inclination for the sea seems to have represented among bold white slaves a deep upwelling for freedom, as they sought to escape even the physical clutches of a slave nation.

2. Educational institutions in states which have preserved such record of white enslavement have been loath to preserve documents, and especially make available, such ads as post-date 1776, trying to implicate America as a White Nation for Whites, when in fact it was not, but a class-based slave society. Thanks so much to Mary Kay Krogman for publishing this find.

[Submitted to by Mary Kay Krogman]

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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