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‘Fourteen Years Old’
A Rare Case of a White Slave Whose Age is Known

Delaware Gazette and State Journal – Wilmington, Delaware, August 8, 1823,

William Taylor


RANAWAY from the subscriber on the 22d of June last, an indented servant [1] boy named William Taylor. He is a light coloured mulatto, fourteen years old, four feet three inches high, [2] and is subject to a swelling on his right jaw.

He took with him one pair of blue gray cassimere trowsers, one do. plaid, one do. olive green tow, one striped round about, one finsey do. Three thin waist coats, straw hat with black lining, and one wool do.

Whoever will return him shall receive the above reward, with reasonable charges.

Jeremiah Harker. July 22.


1. The definite claim of age and that he is an indenture a generation after such people were being tricked and kidnapped into the nation from overseas, indicates that his parent or parents owed a debt and gave up their son to satisfy it.

2. William is physically a child.

[Submitted to by Mary Kay Krogman]

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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