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‘Broken Down’
A Two Dollar White Slave on the Run

Delaware Gazette (Wilmington, DE) Saturday, January 30, 1790

William Walker


RAN away from the subscriber, on the 5th inst., a Servant Man named William Walker, of a pale complexion with short light colored hair,

had on when he went away, a fur Hat, and old Great Coat, a new Hunting Shirt, and old light colored Jacket, a Pair of Stockings, web Breeches, and tow Trowsers over them, brown yarn Stockings and a Pair of new Shoes—

Went off by night from James Phillips's house, he had two particular marks - one of his legs was broke down almost at his ankle, and a scar on his breast which appear as if he had been wounded. [2]

Any person securing said Servant so that I get him again shall have the above Reward, and reasonable charges if brought home to

Thomas Lee.

Milltown, Jan. 9.


1. 11 years later, negro, Adam Right, was worth 30 dollars.

2. To runaway with a visibly broken shin bone suggests that the scar on William’s chest was from a wound, as it is said to appear. Thomas lee, in his own words, strongly suggests his own savagery.

[Submitted to by Mary Kay Krogman]

Stillbirth of a Nation: Caucasian Slavery in Plantation America: Part One

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