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'A Wee Forearm Smash'
Experience: ‘I stopped a terrorist attack’

Here is a fun story starring the Scottish Big Ron and a police force straight out of a Crackpot Podcast.


He was doing these commando moves, but I grew up in Glasgow… I knew a wee forearm smash would sort it out...

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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PRSeptember 6, 2017 9:40 AM UTC

I don't know if our cops are that much different. They are in some cities and smaller towns. In large cities they seem to be about suppressing any self defense from whites as they coddle Latin American and black gangs using their sensitivity training. They'll do what they're told for their pensions.

Cowardice is in fact a sin and can be a form of suicide. Western cowards are committing suicide.
ShepSeptember 5, 2017 10:16 PM UTC

PR—the coppers certainly do it differently on the other side of The Pond.

An embarrassing taffy-pull from the UK:

Taking French leave:

More pusillanimous limeys, or just a remake of Demolition Man?

What the hell, Brits? Just give them your women and maybe they'll kill you last?

Don't forget this four-female fun fest from Sweden!

Sweden declares victory and goes home:

Europeans used to own the world. Now they let the world own them.
PRSeptember 5, 2017 10:03 PM UTC

Here's a question for you, Bob. Since the UK government is set on wiping you Brits out whether you comply with the law or not, why don't more of you go PA Luty and build yourselves some real weapons? The prison terms aren't anywhere near as bad in the UK as they are here.
BobSeptember 4, 2017 9:58 PM UTC

Shades of the fictitious gay, rugby-playing hero of 9/11, Mark "Let's Roll!" Bingham. Some good script-writing from the Truman Show team. Kill real patriots and write up benign fake ones, the System's preferred m.o..
BobSeptember 4, 2017 8:14 PM UTC

The Guardian is little different from Pravda of the Soviet days, a fake news front for Establishment propaganda. I just don't believe this guy and I'm not the only one. It appears he got official recognition because of the Glascow-won't-wear-terrorists line he pushed after the event. The System needs Jessica Lynchs. And it likes to put these ersatz patriotic lines in the mouths of "ordinary" people. Throw the sullen and dread-filled white public a bone now and again.

Look at Roy Larner, "Lion of London Bridge", who took on machete-wielding Muslims and won with nothing more than a pint of lager in his belly. Farcical! Fake wounds and a phony "Fuck you, I'm Millwall!" Several hundred thousand pounds of charity money to ease his "rehabilitation".

Hollywood B-grade on the Thames.
PRSeptember 4, 2017 2:11 PM UTC

Reading that article, it's obvious the cops are used to dealing with spineless, compliant Europeans, not fighters which is why they were mad at the Scotsman for handling the problem for them.