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Off Stand the Wolves
The Voyage of Argo by Apollonius of Rhodes as a Compressed Verse Restoration
Adapted to verse by James LaFond, working from the Loeb translation of R.C. Seaton and the Penguin translation of E. V. Rieu, compressed as a series of verses rendered from the perspective of Apollonius, as if he had been an epigrammarian [1] accompanying Jason and his fellow heroes. this device, will helpfully help minimize this author's guilt over the compression, for Rieu did assert authoritatively that Apollonius used this Homeric device, for which he was excoriated by his contemporary critics. So this author will honor he whose work he ruthlessly edits by granting him what seems to have been his fantasy, to sail with 50 heroes to the edge of the world...
As I wrap up the first book in the projected annual series When White Meant Might, a retelling of tales of Aryan heroism, I have decided to extend the volume—or rather deepen it—by providing a compressed, verse adaptation of the story known to us most commonly as Jason and the Argonauts. Apollonius was one of three ancient authors whose version of this tale comes down to us and I like it the best for its reverence of the Iliad.
For a title I have chosen a phrase from this epic in which the Argonauts are likened to wolves considering a fold of bleating sheep as prey before they plunge into battle against the Bebrykes.
For each edition of When White Meant Might I would like to do such an adaptation as an interior feature.
Thank you for tolerating the extension of this project. I hope you will be pleased.
-James LaFond, 9/5/2017
1. A composer of brief verses, rarely more than four lines, in honor of heroes and prize-seekers, the most famous of which was Simonides, was is said to have been saved by the gods from a drunken athlete for the greatness he achieved through such epigrams as this:
"Go tell the Men of the Silent Land,
That here, obedient to their command
We lie."
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