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A Meeting of Men
My Favorite Coaching Moment

I was out of town coaching a group of young men, most of whom found me and each other through this website.

Dennis, energized jock and truck driver, was shadowboxing off to the side, as the other three began to realize that they were in the company of fellow cryptobloggers. The stocky, tattooed man walked up to the medium-sized fellow and extended his hand, “Hi, I’m Mescaline Franklin,” to which the other smiled, took the hand and shook, “And I am Nero the Pict. Glad to meet you.”

Then the tall, large-brained Tesla pilot walked over and extended his hand, as if he was the last of The League of Extraordinary Dissidents to identify himself and said, “Ulric Kerensky,” and we all broke into laughter and for some reason turned and looked at Dennis and he said, as he raised his hands with a shrug as if befuddled, “Sorry, I’m just Dennis!”

That made my life right there.

Thanks, guys.

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