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Praise for Gorilla Wall Paul
Big Ron and Tony Roosters
Paul is a hero, my kind of man. Sometimes you have to dip below the threshold of law to remember you are a man, to stoke the flames of the spirit.
Take care.
-Big Ron
Mr. LaFond
I greatly enjoy reading your work. I'm suprised amazon still allows you to sell it.
I'm a teamster truck driver here in Oregon, employed by the mega beast Safeway/Alberson's, delivering groceries to the stores. I tell my buddies that what we call the "sound wall" is called a gorilla wall in the darker places of this country.
I am wondering about confrontations involving the drivers delivering freight to the supermarkets you've worked at, hoping for some high comedy.
We had a guy a couple weeks ago put a beating on a store employee, something about the milk cooler door not being shut. There is a lot of tension between the drivers and store employees up here, due mostly to the union contract that has us working like gyppos instead of for an hourly wage. Any grocery truck driver stories from you would be greatly appreciated from this segment of your readership.
By the way, the only people I've ever heard use the term gyppo are Oregon truck drivers. The loggers up here, 100 or more years ago considered a gyppo to be any man who worked for any system of pay other than an hourly wage.
I live deep behind enemy lines here in Portland. Every other motherfucker here is either antifa or at least tragically left.
Quite the irony from the way I see it. All these young progressives move out west to the whitest big city in America, and then proceed to plant signs in their yard proclaiming black lives matter.
-Tony Roosters
Ron, I'm with you on Paul.
Tony, for truck driver stories check the tab at the top of this Page, When You're Job Sucks or buy the book below. There will be more driver stories, but not until I finish a few more projects. As for the utility of Gorilla Wall, in D.C., I spoke with one driver who pulled up to the dock and the clerks waiting for him had been shot, one in the legs and one in the guts, as they had the rolling door on the dock up a few feet to let in air while they prepped the dock for the midnight order and some hoodrats snuck up and fired into the stockroom with a .38. They both lived. If there had been a gorilla wall these kids would have had to head all the way down the shoot and back, instead of just being able to sneak up from the side.
When Your Job Sucks
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