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‘Lately Come From the Ship’
Two Irish Slaves on the Run

August 18, 1768

The Pennsylvania Gazette

RUN away from the subscribers, living in Hanover township, Lancaster county, on Sunday, the 7th of August inst. an Irish servant man, named PETER CONOWAY, of a middle stature, speaks with the brogue, is about 5 feet 6 or 7 inches high, has a down look, his hair is of a darkish pale colour, cut short off, except a little behind, as he is lately come from the ship; [1]

had on, when he went away, a wool hat, about half worn, striped shirt, old white trowsers, a spotted flannel jacket, an old pair of shoes, and midling large brass buckles.

Also, went in company with the above, another servant man, a native of Ireland, named THOMAS DOIL, speaks more with the brogue than the other, about 5 feet 4 or 5 inches high, his hair also cut, but black, and somewhat curly;

had on, an old wool hat, striped shirt, old white trowsers, an old light blue jacket, much worn, the upper part of the back parts another kind of cloth, and dark blue, and a new pair of calfskin shoes with straps, but were tied with thongs.

Whoever takes up said servants, and secures them in any of his Majesty goals, so that their masters may have them again, shall have Forty Shillings for each, if taken separate; if taken together, Three Pounds for both, and reasonable charges, paid by us DANIEL SHAW, SAMUEL ALLEN.

N.B. All masters of vessels, and others, are forbid to carry them off, at their peril.


1. Just as soul drivers who sold blacks “down the river” to New Orleans would groom their chattel before sale, even using shoe polish to dye gay hair, white slave merchants would similarly clean up and even makeup their cargo before prospective buyers boarded their ship to see the human wares. Most white slave purchases took place onboard ship.

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