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An Irishman and a Scott on the Quarrelsome Run Near 2 Months

These boys were first advertised as having escaped in July, see: 'Both Apt To Be Drunk'

September 1, 1768

The Pennsylvania Gazette


ESCAPED from the constables, some weeks ago, the following persons, viz.

ANDREW CRAWFORD, late from Ireland, about 25 years old, five feet eleven inches high, stoop shouldered, pockpitted, pale faced, has black hair, tied behind, his cloathing uncertain.

ROBERT SCOTT, 24 years old, 5 feet 9 inches high, full faced, pockpitted, has light brown hair;

both apt to swear, and get drunk, and very quarrelsome; they generally make their home at one Ralston, near Newark.

Whoever secures said fellows, and delivers them to Joseph Thomas, Goalkeeper, for Chester county, shall be intitled to the above reward, or Six Pounds for Crawford, and Four for Scott, paid by JOSEPH THOMAS, Goaler.


The reward prices and the shipping note on Crawford suggest that both men are escaped servants that committed a crime [which might have constituted or included running away] and then broke free of the constables.

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