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A Crackpot Gets an Invitation for an Interview...with An 18th Century Time Traveler?

Invitation for Interview with Social Matter

Adam Smith

James - if you’d like to introduce some of your work to the Social Matter audience we run their geopolitical history podcast and would love to speak with you:

One of our listeners recommended your work and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your interviews on the 2 Kevins, Miss Lockhart, and most recently on TRS’ Rebel Yell.

I know you can speak to Baltimore’s history, but if you’re interested in broadening the discussion to talk about America’s inner cities as a potential topic we recently interviewed Jayoh from TRS about Detroit as a comparison:



Myth of the 20th Century

Yes, Adam

 I would be glad to but will be offline from the 10th to the 23rd.

Thank you so much for your kind words and your interest.



I sure hope Adam isn't pissed at me when he finds out I haven't read his book—but reading Tarzan novels naturally imbues one with common sense.

The Hunt for Whitey

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

The Hunt for Whitey on Kindle

Recognizing and Surviving the Condition of Anarcho-Tyranny

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UlricKerenskySeptember 9, 2017 4:59 PM UTC

Mr. Smith would probably be annoyed that his study of English trading has turned into a battlefield between the Hasburghs (Austrian) school and the revolting plantations (Keyes).