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Did the Hoodrats Get Him?
No, He is Recharging His Engine—Current Print, Podcast and Video Posts May be Found...


Lynn will be publishing material from Sunday 9/10/17 through Saturday, 9/23/17.

Thank you all for your support.

-James, 9/10/17

Message from Lynn:

Dear LaFondian readers:  I have prepared for our host's absence by gathering over four hours of podcasts and a series of videos concerning Civil War monuments.  The easiest way to make sure you don't miss this content it to subscribe to my YouTube channel, it is 100% LaFond content and should really be James' channel, but the IT support required to set it up that way is unavailable at this time.  Click the link to find the channel and then hit the "Subscribe" button so you can always find it:

I will also be linking to all this new content from the BlogSpot, with additional notes, and perhaps some other new content as well, so be sure to visit there:

Thanks everyone, enjoy your break, James!

There are numerous videos to come, completing the Wyman Park docu-mumble, that may be viewed over the next two weeks via the blogspot and at Lynn's You Tube channel.

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