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Hey! Give the Handsome Kid a Break!
By the Bogger-Blogger

Whoooah….it take a bit to get my twisted sister mind around this baby:

Ok, the kid over-reacted to attacks upon him and his family. What’s with all this meme stuff of space lizards, secret Earth leaders etc. etc.? Shades of Davey Icke, or is it Ink?

And then there is his big, beautiful pooping dog:

Ok, the kid was wrong to go and act like the Angler on this. But, he is a young handsome lad, with a spunky Nordic Gentile girlfriend, and in our multicultural society, there is nothing wrong with that, is there? Well, just read how poor Yair has been criticized in the press:

Don’t these old people remember the hotness of young love?

Surely, the lad needs to be cut some slack, given a break from the press attacking him, and allowed time to be with his girlfriend and his dog, and given time to research his memes more carefully. And, I firmly believe that getting dog shit on one’s shoes, or even better, between your toes, and under your toe nails, if wearing sandals, is one of the major joys of walking in the park today, next to gang rape:

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ShepSeptember 12, 2017 4:48 AM UTC

Is he trollin' or is he truthin'?