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It is with great pride that I announce the publication of the second edition of James' book on writing, updated with his most recent pieces on the subject (previously titled "Saving the World Sucks"). They are a most thoughtfully composed collection of articles which hold back nothing of his craft, process, production and self-motivation.

The book is not like a recipe in which your great aunt withheld a key ingredient so that your cake would not taste like hers...nor is James like Grandpa Joe, who passed the family spice business down to his son when he died, taking the ingredients to a major spice blend to his grave—a key product in his company's success, requiring his son to have it chemically analyzed if he wanted any of his father's returns (true story).

Whether you aspire to writing, simply want to polish or increase your writing, or even just enjoy the usual lively stories of his experiences, I am confident that you will find value in this book. As James has said in one of his pieces, he is "a painfully interesting man," and I must agree 200%; his interesting qualities shine through everything he does.

As an aside, I have given this collection the editing attention that it deserves and quite a bit of my perfectionistic editing heart in the process, but as I have not undertaken to write a book on prolific editing nor figured out how to live on $700 per month yet, I will not be keeping up with James' writings under any circumstances. Nevertheless, it is with unbridled pleasure that I present you this writer-editor collaboration. Please enjoy.


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