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The Eternal Punk: Antifa
By Fred Beare

Have you ever wondered what the philosophical, if that is the right word, genesis of the antifa comes from? Sure, communist ideology is a sound bet, but one also notices strands of nihilist DNA and anarchism as well. Yet, maybe we oldies are reading too much into this, as a recent article indicates:

According to Mark Bray, author of The Antifa Handbook:

“[I]n many cases, the North American modern Antifa movement grew up as a way to defend the punk scene from the neo-Nazi skinhead movement, and the founders of the original Anti-Racist Action network in North America were anti-racist skinheads. The fascist/anti-fascist struggle was essentially a fight for control of the punk scene [during the 1980s], and that was true across of much of north America and in parts of Europe in this era. There’s a huge overlap between radical left politics and the punk scene, and there’s a stereotype about dirty anarchists and punks, which is an oversimplification but grounded in a certain amount of truth.”

The movement is thus mainly of disgruntled Whites, who see the present system as evil, and subject to inevitable crash. Rather than follow the ethno-racial groups who they support, and take the same tribal path of protecting their own people, they have come to see Western Whites as the cause of all wrongs and hope that by burying their own people and culture, some sort of religious forgiveness by the karma of the universe, or the great transgender god, will be bestowed.

Of course, it is all nonsense done by useful idiots for the globalists, because even if the antifa got their way, of open borders in the West, all that would result would be a tragedy of the commons, with the destruction of the social welfare system that feeds such parasites, and this word accurately describes them and their “mom’s basement” philosophy:

The Darwinian forces of severe economic dislocation will not lead to more people joining the antifa and radical Left, but exactly the opposite, as members are slowly culled out by the remorseless forces of economics, when mom has to sell her house, and the basement is gone.

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