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Cum on the Water and Fire in the Sky
By the Booger Blogger

Theme song: Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” (1972). My god, the pussy was tight and juicy in those days, wasn’t it?

My daughter who was studying in Europe has returned home to the States, finding the diversity of this once White land, even more oppressive than what some of you guys have called “Turd America.”

We had a heated argument about this, each of us trying to persuade the other about which cesspool was the most fetid shithole. I was determined, as a loyal American, to defend my nation’s unsurpassed levels of decay and degeneracy. I even introduced her to the noble James LaFond site, where there are essays each day by the Great Man and his band of grumpy old men, including late comers like me.

Then she changed tactics, being highly educated (almost has a PhD in international law, I don’t know what that is). Let’s go swimming to the local pool, Dad. Having worked all my life in the fishing industry, and being a keen swimmer, off we went.

We swam. Then, when getting out she asked me whether I noticed anything about the pool and its occupants? I looked around. There were an even mix of races here, an Asian guy who did not appear to have a penis, or if he did it was less than one inch long, or he was a transgender, or maybe even a woman, whatever that means; a Hispanic woman who was pretty ordinary; a Black woman with enormous tits, and nipples jutting out of her bikini top like mountain ranges and two really fat White women, with rolls of fat rippling over their body like waves on the ocean. Typical Americans.

After I finished looking around, she fired up her mobile phone, and showed me a clip from Europe, of a pool in the German town where she was studying. Was that froth on the surface of the water or had a vibrant jacked off and emitted an enormous wad of cum into the water? Yes, Dad, it is cum. And, later in the day, she sent me this email. The following is what I cut ‘n’ pasted from her email. Enjoy America, because it can only get worse, for the future is calling.

Email from Sandra Booger:

“Dad, this video had millions of views in the last 6 months until YouTube decided to 'sandbox' it and make it limited so it is almost hidden. Censorship of real news, trying to cover up globalist elite agenda.... tut tut tut.

LIST OF SOURCES USED in the Video about Migrants and Swimming Pools.

If anyone got to the end of this fuckin’ list of horror, I owe you a Quilter’s Irish Death beer, “beer candy,” from the majestic indie Iron Horse Brewery, here in my home of Ellensburg, Washington: I live on the stuff, more wholesome than mother’s milk for big fat guys like me.

Remember when “Jaws” first came out? Keep out of the fuckin’ water!

Turd America

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