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Harm City Blade Length?
A Man Question from Manny


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'Hard Ta Hit, Hit Hard'


12:36 AM UTC

Great post James. 

I loved those Tyson fights from the 80s. Brutal knockouts and the man was so badass. I remember Spinks, his Olympic nemesis, shitting himself as the fight started. Spinks' facial expression said it was over before it started. Too bad about the pussy that cost the rest of Tysons career. What could have been? 

Until watching this I never noticed how often Tyson runs over to help up his fallen opponents.

In honor of Bowie Knife Day, can you advise of the max blade length in Charm City? I was thinking of putting something in the mail to there. 

Best regards, Manny.

Glad to hear from you, Manny, and thanks for the compliment. The blade length in Harm City is less important than that the blade not be double-edged [including a clip point] and that it not be a sheath knife or "switchblade."

3.5 inches is safe in all Maryland municipalities I have inquired in [Harford & Baltimore Counties and Baltimore City.

Thank you so much for the thought, and the next time Mescaline and I go on the road we'll stop by the Jersey Shore.


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MannySeptember 12, 2017 7:22 PM UTC

You and Franklin are welcome here anytime. Beer and beef on me. I want to watch the tour video you and him did on bmore monuments soon.

Your readers here should check out your other site with Lynn Lockhard if they haven't already. Crackpot radio with her is enjoyable. The podcast you did about military history Somewhere else I also liked.

Best regards, Manny.