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The Political Graveyard
By William Rapier

Following the Battle of Charlottesville, there has been a lot of debate among the politically incorrect deplorables about tactics and optics. What sorts of flags should be waved? Should we even march at all given that the Deep State want to kill us, and the antifa needs to bash someone to stay in business? Maybe some lessons from Australia might help.

I have been involved in political protests since as a kid, when I wagged school to go the anti-Vietnam War protests, because I thought, at the time, this would be cool, but I was just a stupid punk. Since that time, I have thrown my efforts into numerous groups both Left and Right, who were fighting various issues, from protests about nuclear waste dumps, to mines that would wipe out wilderness areas, to saving the flag, and stopping immigration.

Over that time, I got to see human nature in the raw. Humans are evil rat-like creatures, and no all-good God could possibly have made them. Hence, God as defined, does not exist. Humans are too evil just to be accounted for by the “fallen” hypothesis, because, on this idea, they have fallen through the floor. Any half-decent God would immediately put the human race out of its misery. So too, would advanced UFO folks, so they too, are not in contact, or don’t exist.

James somewhere writes about WN types who tried to kill his cousin, I think. But, WN are not the only one’s resorting to thuggery, for I have seen both the Left and conservatives do such things to intimidate their own kind. Then, there is the nastiness, back stabbing, that goes on by the minute. Betrayal. One guy I know, helped this bloke out on his political campaign. The scammer found out that helpful guy’s old, sick, mother had a house. Before you could say, “save the flag,” the old lady was scammed out of her house, and rendered homeless, and died soon after.

Another fellow, who made it into parliament hold me, some years back, that a former prime minister, at the beginning of his career, got enough pre-selection votes to get elected, by arranging for dead person’s names to be added. This sort of cheating is apparently, common. At present, there is controversy that many politicians are constitutionally illegible to hold office because of a violation of the requirement of not having a foreign alliance, such a citizenship. Yet, the story goes, at least one past prime minister had dual citizenship, and he did a mighty fine job of fucking up the country.

As for protests, and even meetings, even in nationalist/conservative and Christian protests, the opponents and the media pushed the “Nazi” line. All opposition to immigration, be it on environmental or economic grounds, is “racist.” Attacking the banks is “racist” too, which really lets the cat out of the bag. And, what do Normies do? Nothing, they just let it all happen, and then they die. Calling them “sheeple,” is just an offence to sheep.

In summary, given that politics is just another form of eternal damnation, I would not worry too much about bad optics at protests or meetings. These events are just preludes to death marches anyway, so the lads may as well have some fun and color before the ax falls.

Of course, keeping your head down in your rat hole will only keep you alive marginally longer. Our number is coming up. This is it; this is Ragnarok, the great endgame, and it would be foolish to ignore the prophets now screaming this out. One might die even more painfully.

Soooo……what the fuck does it matter? The ship is sinking fast, there are no lifeboats, and the waters are full of “Jaws-size” sharks who hunger for blood.

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