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The Last Blonde Woman on Earth
By Fred Beare

My son likes to torture his old man. Giving me generous servings of Lone Star nectar (vodka is like drinking mineral turps, Psycho), he fired up his laptop and got me to watch the latest episode of AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead.” This was episodes 9 and 10, season 3, “Minotaur” and “The Diviner.” Normally I would not waste valuable space speaking about mass entertainment, for we know that the mass media is from the Dark Lord, but the episode I saw pushed the boundaries of political correctness and White race suicide to new levels.

Basically, the story is about a multiracial extended family in the zombie apocalypse. The key player is an aging Nordic blonde, Madison, who pre-apocalypse was a SJW at a school, and is even worst post-apocalypse. Her black hubby got killed a few episodes back by red Injuns. There is the leader, Big Spiritual Chief Walker, whose men killed her hubby. Anyway, the multiracial unit makes it to a white survivalist outpost. We have the Whites versus the Indians over a water war. Madison gets her swarthy mixed race druggy son to kill the Old Man Racist, so that no battle will supposedly occur with the Indians. Old man has two sons, Libtard and Racist Junior. When the Indians move in and demand the surrender of all guns to them, Madison and Libtard son agree, and agree to anything contrary to their tribal interests. This is White pathology at the terminal stage.

The Junior Racist refuses to cooperate, fights, but ultimately surrenders, given the firepower he faces. He is banished, and druggy son who was with Junior Racist at the time is punished by being put in a sweatbox in the hot South Western sun. Madison agrees, even though it would kill her son. Magic happens too. the Racist Junior kills one Injun who is escorting him on exile, but the same Injun is seen later in the show, dancing around, getting ready for punishing the White water drinkers. Heap big powerful magic.

Anyway, it seems that water is fast running out so the Whites get some nuts and at last decide to try and get back their guns, arming themselves with clubs! It looks like the Great Spirit tells the Indians this (not too hard to guess anyway), and so they plan to shoot them all, but then the white mice see someone digging for water, and give up, and go help, now being genetically programed for slavery. In reality, the Indians would have wiped them all out long ago, and I do not blame them. There would be more water for them. That is how it would be played out in the apocalypse, which is fast coming. No Madison type would make it to even the starting line.

Sorry for the pain, but that was as quick as I could make the amputation. Even the MSM critics have a hard time with Madison: This guy here wants Madison to be killed off. Gee, I want to see her blessed by the Big Chief, then slowly cooked over a fire and eaten by the five thousand. Put her to some use, in a ritualistic sacrifice.

Watching this was one punch after another. I don’t normally watch TV, normally, only abnormally, but I suppose that this is what it is all like today. Abnormal is the new normal. Gone forever is “The Rifleman,” although even here they were carefully slipping in pc. And, look at “High Noon,” and who put that one out. A plot involving race mixing and adultery, back in 1952, hardly the greatest Western. Far better is John Wayne in “The Searchers” (1956), which would be a perfect movie if in the end the Duke plugged the Natalie Wood character, and the bad Injun instead of getting pugged himself. Anyway, watch it up until the last 15 minutes, and enjoy that.

James somewhere writes about the last three white guys in America. But, the last White woman, will not go down in any futile last stand. Like Madison, she will be a SJW to the end, doing her best to bury her race, so that the racial other survives. Personally, in all of these zombie flicks, I barrack for the zombies to win. They are better looking, and purer of heart. And, less rotten.

I had just finished typing this, when a young Madison type comes into the community center, along with her zombie partner of indeterminate race and sex. I was going to do another article, but in the interests of community safety, now retire for the day.

Wait, one more reference, women look like they are on the way out anyway:

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