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Have Your Beer at Home
BlogSpot update 9/15/2017

Hi James,

I hope all is well with you, your host and the other guests in the Mountain Conclave.  Here is what I have posted to the BlogSpot since the last update:

Breaking Windows:  James expands on the role of eye contact and contact to the eyes in managing aggression:

Breaking Windows

Considering the Human Eye in Combat Just about every woman I have known deeply enough to have serious conversation has named the eyes “th...

Have Your Beer at Home:  James answers a Man Question from Shep about managing predation risks:

Have Your Beer at Home

Assessing John Q. Citizen's risk profile: A Man Question from Shep Do you have any stats or anecdotal evidence about the most common viol...

Crackpot HQ, Parts 4, 5 & 6:  The Crackpot Home Tour continues.  The Khan makes an appearance to offer domestic advice:

James LaFond HQ, Parts 4, 5 & 6

Learn more about the Crackpot's state-of-the-medieval-art home defense system, and watch for an unscheduled appearance by the Khan. James ...

Wyman Park Dell:  This is Lynn's favorite series at the moment, James and Mescaline continue their extremely timely walk through Wyman Park Dell, the now desecrated Civil War Monument:

Wyman Park Dell Civil War Monument, Parts 4 & 5

In Parts 4 & 5 of this series, James and Mescaline approach the Lee Jackson monument, noting the significance of its placement and setting. ...

The Sea-Daddy Saga:  Introducing a new character to the LaFond world, the Sea-Daddy:

The Sea-Daddy Saga

The King Barge Sea-Daddy is a senior gentleman from Faulkner’s country, who speaks with the considered cadence of Shelby Foote and the wi...

James, I have several of your Man Gearing pieces queued up, three more podcasts to edit and upload, more of your HQ videos and Wyman Park Dell videos, hoping to get them all posted through the end of next week, when you return to your Harm City post.

Take care,


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