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Anal Horticulture
By American Psycho

In our wonderful, diverse multicult, I am always on the lookout for even more diversity. One can never have enough vibrancy. Especially regarding anal sex.

A recent article at:

requires detailed study, on the subject not of the shock of the new, but the shock of new PORN.

My attention was directed to “rose buds,” not the flower type, but the bowel type: “a few months ago the “shock and awe” trend in porn that was being written about was the so-called “rosebuds.” That is the name given to anal prolapses when purposefully induced, after which they are generally fondled, kissed, sucked on, etc. The trend is real, and has been written about by the vanguards of hipster media: Jezebel and Vice, who of course track trends in porn, since their audience consumes it so regularly.”

Ok, for keen rectal horticulturalists, here is some more compost:

My god, the internet censorship device just flashed on here at the community center, and I will probably get kicked off the computer for being a white male, but……

Ok, just dealt with the security guard. Told her I was gay and she hit reverse at a rapid pace, tripping over her own political correctness:

I had a bar of chocolate for an energy snack, but now I will never eat chocolate again.

My question is about the prolapses, rectoceles:

Are the bowels coaxed down, just a wee bit, then caught in pliers and yanked right out? Instead, are eager fingers inserted in the rectal space, and a grip secured and then the yanking begins? So many questions, so few answers.

What will be the next big thing in the degeneracy stakes? I hope that in jurisdictions with guns, it becomes playing Russian roulette with all six chambers loaded with live rounds. In other jurisdictions, it could be sky diving from helicopters with lead parachutes.

Fuck, the things I go through as a writer. A Black guy has asked me three times for scissors, probably to murder me with, or at least try. Full marks for persistence. I said that I did not have any, and I didn’t. On the third knock back, he got aggressive, and has left the library, and is now waiting outside the community center, no doubt to try and murder me. He should have asked if he could borrow my Bowie knife, which I have in my backpack, but which I will soon transfer to my person.

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ShepSeptember 17, 2017 12:02 AM UTC

Tell him: "Welcome to the Natchez Sandbar". It always pays to be polite.