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Partying After the Collapse
By Eirik Bloodaxe

Having read most of the technical literature on collapseology, the end of the world as we don’t know it, I am now turning to collapse porno on YouTube. I am surprised how many insane people rampage there, masquerading as profound experts, with limp pricks in hand.

Yet this series is an exception, and intelligently conceived:

Here is another good one:

Although called “Viking Preparedness,” he guy seems to be a pastor, so I would normally hate him because of race memories of Christian cultural genocides, but his site has some good stuff too, and is well worth a Captain Cook. It is being down under, being upside down all of the time, which makes us use rhyming slang, because of lack of alcohol-rich blood to the Aussie brain.

Hell, even EMPs are hitting us, so it will only be a matter of time before your big rat nest becomes a cesspool of zombie cannibalism, like that other post about the fuckin’ rats:

Next time, it may be more than just radio blackouts:

Here’s a tip: get things like your teeth fixed up so that you won’t have to pull them out with piles with no anesthetic, using your dog as dentist:

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