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Down by One
Two Under Siege

One jag of euphoria,

One meadow of malaise,

One solar blinding,

One mountain of denial,

One rotting post of support,

One path untaken,

One river of suspicion,

One galaxy of black holes,

One stellar system of silence,

One great wall of protection,

One deep trench of doubt,

One whirlpool of remembrance,

One fermenting barrel of truth,

One quicksand of confirmation,

One gated estate of secrecy,

One palace of justification,

One unscalable range,

One Herculean salvage,

One grip slipped,

One earthquake uncompromising,

One volcanic arc of defeat,

One mound of disappearance,

One waterfall of lonely reticence,

Two colliding plates of desires,

Two under siege,

Two…just two.

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