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Crackpot Roundup
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James LaFond YouTube Roundup

Hello readers, viewers and listeners,

Perhaps you have noticed that each time you visit YouTube, or search YouTube for your favorite videos, things appear in a rather scrambled order.  In order to address this problem, and to satisfy my compulsive organizational urges, I have created following summary of all the material on my channel, as well as James' interviews with other parties.  Series and those podcasts that appear in multiple parts will link to playlists.

I will update this post as more content is added.

For live links click here:

Crackpot Podcast Episodes:

Episode 8

Episode 7

Episode 6 (playlist)

Episode 5 (playlist)

Episode 4 (playlist)

Episode 3 (playlist)

Episode 2

Episode 1 (playlist)

Other Lynn Lockhart Channel:

Wyman Park Dell Civil War Monument (playlist)

James LaFond HQ tour (playlist)

Training videos


Interview with Kevin Michael Grace of 2Kevins.

Interview with the Roaming Viking.  Roaming Viking excerpt: Origins of Boxing.

Interview with The Rebel Yell.

See also, training and fight videos at the Modern Agonistics link at

Thriving in Bad Places

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