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Time for the Return of Balder
By Eirik Bloodaxe

First, there was the Christian parasitic undermining of the Viking warrior culture, through the conversion of traitorous kings to the crucified faith, and commitment to the sword of those who did not convert. Then one thousand years of parasite living later, in cesspools called Christian-liberal money, money, money societies, continuous deracination and degradation.

Now, the attack on the Viking heritage continues with the physical destruction of Viking artefacts by those seeking to erase history and heritage:

As well, there is the race destruction of the Nordic gene pool through displacement immigration, something covered in numerous other articles.

Lastly consider retro-destruction, where Vikings of old are portrayed a “model immigrants who lived happily alongside ancient Britons”:


All historical revisionism to further the multicult madness, but quite untrue: Philip Parker, “The Northmen’s Fury: A History of the Viking World,” (Vintage, 2015); Robert Ferguson, “The Vikings,” (Penguin, 2009). Some assimilation did occur, but so did conquest, rape and pillage: just ask the monks of Lindisfarne – oh, wait, they were all slaughtered or sold off in slavery in AD 793.

May Odin cause the genitalia of the modernists to rot, and their comic book collections to be eaten by voracious giant cockroaches, before Ragnarok rings in the end of this whore-shit. Better for Surtur to burn it all to a crisp than for this plenum of emasculated misery to continue:

Let us hope in Ragnarok, when the collapse of this putrid system comes with a gush of pus, like the pop of a huge boil, that deracinated cucks everywhere will once more fear the Norsemen, who are now scattered throughout the West:

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