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By Eirik Bloodaxe

Just toss “cuckianity” into your good old gooooooogling search engine, and with the crunch of keys out will pop some ball-tearing memes. Ah, and I remember when Richard Dawkins first used that term, parallel to the gene, and I wrote what a mistake that was, as there was conceptually no unit of cultural inheritance. But, who the fuck cares? Not Pepe.

What I do care about is seeing Xianity buried before I depart to Valhalla. And, it might just be happening, which will really upset the WN dudes, who just luv their Jesus, yes sir.

First, Britain; according to the National Centre for Social Research, people in Britain who describe themselves as having no religion has reached 53 percent, and the percentage of people describing themselves as Anglican has reached 15 percent:

Yes, immigration has played a part, but note that the colored migrants to Britain would be primarily Islamic, so this does not help the Christian apologists.

In the US, White Christians are now a minority, with only 43 percent of Americans identifying as White Christians, 30 percent as White Protestants, and praise the lord, only 17 percent of Americans identifying as evangelical Protestants. Are they going to dance and prance about that one?

As the above article makes clear, this minority drive is associated with a political correct attack on Whites, but hell, a White just has to have a big shit nowadays to get criticized.

The upside of down is that Christianity, in my opinion, and that of those like Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), Revilo P. Oliver (1908-1994), and a whole host of other badasses whose work is referenced at: (“the West’s Darkest Hour”), is that Christianity is, regardless of questions of truth or falsity, a religion which is metaphysically contrary to the Nordic/Aryan spirit, and has been a weight around our tribe’s neck.

The claim that Western civilization arose with Christianity only show correlation not causality, because there have been other things which have come along for the ride as well, which the WNs and conservatives, maybe, would not view as creating the West. The disease may have travelled with us, waiting for the moment to activate, mutate into liberalism, and kill us.

The claim made by Kevin MacDonald that today liberals criticize Christianity sharply does not show that Christianity is therefore “our religion,” since, the Left are critical, for various reasons of a whole range of institutions, which traditionalists would criticize too, on different grounds, such as the universities. Merely because liberals criticize something, does not show that the object of criticism is therefore pure; it may well be racially toxic on other grounds.

Nor does it improve matters, that Northern Europeans had an impact on Christianity’s development:

All that shows is that an arguably deleterious doctrine, was modified to some degree, but it does not show that it was less pathological.

I note with interest the recent publication of Andrew Fraser’s “Dissident Dispatches: An Alt Right Guide to Christian Theology,” (Arkos, 2017). Fraser has been concerned about the decline of White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, as detailed in his previous book, “The WASP Question,” (Arktos, 2011), the problem that WASPS, and Nordics in general have almost no in-group solidarity, leaving them to be eaten alive by other hungry ethnocentric groups. For Fraser, the key to ethnic survival lies in reviving Christianity. However, when you read his book, I think exactly the opposite conclusion is reached. He describes his journey as a mature-aged student through theological college, and how the politically correct basically declared war on him. He stood his ground and put up a heroic fight, but it was all pointless.

He should have realized that the organized church, like the universities, is rotten to the core, and beyond reform. The rot is at the top, as his book shows. It is clearly found in Catholicism, with the present Pope being no more than an advocate for Islam and non-white migrants. I will spare you the links, for they are easy to find. The point is that everything he has done harms White people. He has said that the interests of “refugees” comes before national security, so the Pope is no more than a security threat himself.

I have left to one side all of the philosophical and theological criticisms of Christianity. These are interesting, but at the end of the day, not historically decisive. The real point is that Christianity is morphing into a non-White religion, and in the 22nd century, will be unrecognizable, possibly embracing voodoo and other beliefs:

It is time to grow up, and accept that it is over.

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AnonymousSeptember 19, 2017 2:38 AM UTC

The claim that Christianity is "metaphysically contrary to the Nordic/Aryan spirit" is just a personal opinion, notwithstanding any appeal to authority.

In the social sciences *nothing* is empirically testable (no constants, no reproducibility). Christianity and the ascendancy of the West might indeed be unrelated, concurrent phenomena, but what is incontrovertible is the effect of the Church's singular, 1500 year old promotion of monogamy - the end of the European tribes and the creation of civic society.

In any case, it's statism the god of the 20th and 21st century. Any religion that goes against the State risks its tax exemption or, at worst, a Waco.