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Surviving in the PC Shithole Down Under
By Eirik Bloodaxe

There was a story on local TV, which I missed but my son saw, where a guy confronted a home invader, who had a knife, with his gun. The gun was unloaded because of the strict storage requirements: ammo stored separately in a safe, guns to be stored in a top-level security safe, CCTV monitoring and security personal surveillance. So, in effect, anyone with a gun, will never get it loaded. The upshot is that while the home invader surrendered, the gun owner lost his guns, and may face prison for using a gun in self-defense.

In Australia, while a paper right to self-defense exists on the books, in reality, there is no right to self-defense. There is no right to have any means to self-defense, such as a weapon. There is a “reasons for owning a firearms list,” and self-defense is explicitly stated as not being a reason.

Yet, even given this, it does not follow that using a firearm or any object in self-defense is unjustified, given the proportionality of force balancing issue. Even if self-defense is not a valid reason for ownership, it may still be justified to use a gun, or other weapon in dangerous situations. For example, cars can be used as a weapon of self-defense, even though that is not their primary reason for ownership. Well, that’s how the legal argument would go, if someone would only advance it.

Even though Australia is awash with illegal guns, the authorities deal with this issue by cracking down on legal gun owners! Their aim is nothing less than having a disarmed population free to be shot to pieces by Hoodrats, armed to the teeth.

Numerous articles from the Australian press indicate that the ordinary people are just regarded by the power elites as meat, freely available for harvesting by the scum of the world, including them.

How then does one survive in a politically correct shit hole? One cannot. The only long-term answer is retreat to another territory, less insane. If one cannot leave the country, letting it burn, then a retreat to a rural area, may give one a fighting chance.

The local sheeple are so used to having oppressive laws rammed up their rectums, that if a day goes by when they are not severely bum-fucked, to the level of hemorrhage, they feel forlorn. Baaaaaaaa!

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BobSeptember 23, 2017 1:52 AM UTC

Port Arthur was a 9/11-style false flag with Patriot Act follow though.