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'Fear is the Mind-Killer'
Brit Bimbo Becomes POC Food

This story needs the Crackpot analysis

Brit Killed on Amazon Trek After Ominous Warning

'I will be killed,' Emma Kelty had been told days earlier

She had banished fear from her mind because she had taken a "self-defense" course, enabling her to "de-arm" organ traffickers.

That is actually one hell of a "self-defense" course if it teaches you how to rip someone's arm off at the shoulder, which is what I gather "de-arming" means.  Surprised her mad skillz didn't save her.


Shep, the jpg item above is an insightful clue as to this woman's mindset. Recall the days of Burton and Kipling, when a whiteman would brave all manner of danger, confident that his race was on the rise, that he had supreme moral authority, that the greatest military machines yet known had his back.

The person now in this position—in her own tiny brain—is the white woman. Our media priests, academic didacts and politicians have assigned absolute moral authority to the white woman, for the very good reason that these humans make up the largest single block of the postmodern western electorate. This is the demos beast, the monster that thinks she is her own creator. A reading of the image above suggests a sacral self-image, a Christ complex, in which every Caucasian slit fancies herself a transcendental force for good in the cosmos.

The irony is that the deliberate deconstruction of pagan, heathen and then finally Christian religious sympathies in the Western consciousness, has led to a severe form of materialistic ethics, a rampant atheism, in which every woman and every person of color is assigned the gravity of the metaphysical martyr that was once assigned to the Christian Soldier in imitation of Christ on the Cross.

The Brit Bimbo who became food in the Amazon is a tiny symptom of the current Aryan urge to self-destruction, embodied in drug addiction, unwillingness to reproduce and massive importation of aggressive peoples from warmer climates.

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ShepSeptember 21, 2017 8:51 PM UTC

The modern Western white woman's concept of her own sacrality evidently also extends to her belief that she, personally, has superpowers here on this mortal plane. Not only did this woman see herself as surrounded by a warm, glowing halo of goodwhiteness, but she also sincerely believed that she was good-to-go in hand-to-hand combat.

I think that this baseless go-grrrlll confidence has been fueled to a great degree by the Jovovich/Jolie/Johansson school of action movies. The toxic feminism of these flicks has literally rewired some brains, IMHO. Maybe her estate has a legal case against the movie studios for creating a hazardous condition, or something.

And it's all fun and games with this $#!t until someone decides to put this into official practice by something like—oh, I don't know—sliding some chica through USMC Infantry Officers' School. Of course, that could never happen...