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Love in Reverse
...With Lapses

I was waiting for Createspace to answer some questions about my new little poetry book and opened an email from them which began like this:

"Greetings from Createspace!

This is Jesus, and I will certainly look into this situation for title "Love in Reverse."

My eyes got really wide...then I remembered my Spanish...

So, here's the blurb for the book:

Dust Cover

These poems are a limited representation of a love story with exaltations, discovery, and human foibles. They are with lapses, because over a year passed between poems. After some time, I stopped writing them. When I resumed, it was for the sake of what became unsuppressible within.

The poems resumed represent the descent of love: from our best efforts, to recognition that these may be insufficient, and finally to impasse and resignation—we cannot be like Atlas and bear love, such as we each perceive it, alone. It must be recognizable to both, else it becomes a burden.

In rereading these chronologically, I felt a certain softness for our human endeavor to build love’s shelter for each other, in spite of the results.


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