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Is James LaFond a White Supremacist?
Neighbors of Color Want to Know—and have let James' Landlord Know They Are Not Comfortable with The Evil One Living Nearby

This was the first thing that my landlord asked me when I walked into the house after two weeks away. A neighbor of color has listened to something on You Tube by me and read something on this blog and now feels uncomfortable living near me. My land lord is standing with me for now, but my days may be numbered if pressure rises to make me homeless...

Since I am evil, I certainly cannot be trusted with an answer, let alone defining what a White Supremacist is. So here is a dictionary definition:

White supremacy definition

White supremacy is the belief of, and/or promotion of the belief, that white people are superior to people of other racial backgrounds and that therefore whites should politically dominate non-whites.


Work Record

What is my work record as a supervisor?

-In 1982 I took over a 7-man night crew, who were all white and began training, firing and hiring until we had a good night crew, which was, by 1983, entirely black!

-In 1985 two older white men who took over this crew [they had been brought in as consultants to train me and improve efficiency], told me that they were going to get rid of the black employees. I told them that I would not condone this and interceded on behalf of the black employees with management and saved their jobs. The two white men then attempted to murder me. I managed to fight them off as the black men whose jobs I saved stood by and watched. I was then fired for fighting and was seriously injured, my scalp having to be stabled back onto my head.

-In 1989-90, Tony C., a platform member of BASH [Baltimore Area Skin Heads], a racist street gang, threatened me for not treating him better than the black men on the crew. After he was fired for doing this with my supervisor, he hired 4 members of The Wasted Youth, a white street gang, to kill me, for hiring blacks over whites. When they stabbed the wrong guy he approached the Aryan Brotherhood and they declined on the grounds that I was a family man and also that Tony's guys had stabbed one of their members.

-In 2006 I took over a city supermarket and restructured it to cater to a black clientele, despite resistance from white supervisors. In 2010, when I resigned, I had trained four black men as assistant manager, and demoted two white men from that very position. When I left two of the black men I trained took over my duties.

-I have consistently coached black fighters.

-I have consistently mentored black writers.

Life Record

-In 1983 I tried to adopt a black orphan through Baltimore City Child Services and was denied on the grounds that I was white.

-From 2003-2010 I lived with a black woman, who I loved, who I still love and who I count as one of my closest friends.

-I have repeatedly told my land lord, when asked, that I have no problems with black neighbors or roommates.

-Despite being openly hated, attacked and cursed at on a daily basis, by blacks for the crime of being born white, I still do not hate or express hatred toward, black folks.

Public Record

In hundreds of historical and opinion articles I have expressed the strong beliefs that:

-What Supremacy was always a fool's notion, that various nations and ethnic groups and tribes should be left alone and not forced into vast national and extra-national social constructs.

-I have recently made the point that White Nationalism is socially illegitimate, in that it views people zoologically and not culturally or tribally. See the book Masculine Axis.

-Over the years my most consistent point, in political and social commentary, is that all political control by any group is evil, which flies in the face of any notion of political supremacy or dominance by whites or others.



I do not hate myself for being born white,

do not believe I bear the burden of guilt for what the rich whites of the past did to blacks,

since I espouse the truth that my Irish and English ancestors were held as slaves by other whites [LaFond is a slave name taken from the French Canadian slave master who bought my English orphan ancestor],

Since I do not walk in fear of the black criminals who constantly attack me, but instead stand up to them,

than yes, I am fully aware that by the current definition I am a racist.

I do not deny this, for, by fathering a white child and writing about European history, I am clearly a racist by the current definition.

However, even according to current definitions of racism, I am in no way any type of supremacist, for I believe that any and all forms of political supremacy are EVIL!

Nevertheless, I will be persecuted and run from my home by the hate mongers of this sick and evil nation.

I accept this and yet do not hate.

This is simply the way of a feminized society, a pecking order where no dissenting opinion is accepted.

I accept this, even as I accept that all women are evil harpies who will seek to rip my soul from its body, and that virtually all American men are psychologically women and therefore evil.

I live in a nation of sissies and I challenge you sissy millions to kill me, swearing to drag as many enemy with me as possible and hoping dearly that the Old Gods will drag 99 in 100 American souls to hell in the change times to come, after I have been erased from this stain of a fetid polity.

My greatest hopes are:

That there is a Hell,

That I am going to Hell,

and that by the time you sissy millions get there I will be the supreme tormentor of souls and shall squat upon your squirming shade for pain-wracked eternities beyond number.

I'm back in Harm City—if you don't like, come and get you some.

James LaFond, 11:03, P.M. 9/2/17 .

PS: If I live to the age when something such as cancer begins overtaking me, I will travel to Pennsylvania, find that White Nationalist cell that tried to murder my cousin for the crime of refusing to attack innocent black folks as part of a racial terror campaign, and will hunt them until I drop. But, most likely, I will not live to meet that goal and will probably be felled first by some pack of lowly hoodrats who catch me hobbling along to work one weary night. Well, that has its appeal too—as long as I have a chance to conscript company for the Hellbound express, it's all the same. A coward is a delectable feast no matter his race.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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Ruben ChandlerSeptember 26, 2017 5:01 PM UTC

Looks as if you have a wonderful landlord. You might even have an opportunity to talk to the concerned person and put it all to rest. I would imagine if he had seen some of your online content........he is reading this. I think most of us here are quite reachable viz a viz, for conversation. We are all surrounded by racists, whatever their color. I'm native american, so don't get me most people i've butted heads with in life have become my better friends. we often passionately disagree about things but can see eye to eye.
SteveRogers42September 24, 2017 6:20 PM UTC

In this upside-down and backwards world we currently inhabit, I'm afraid that perceptions are more important than reality.
responds:September 25, 2017 12:39 AM UTC

I am comfortable with people perceiving me as being something other than what I am, especially something evil. Actually, I have survived Baltimore streets by night largely based on folks perceiving me as being more dangerous than I am, so getting angry about this would be hypocritical. This revelation about neighbors of color fearing my pale ass actually relaxed me.
PRSeptember 24, 2017 4:32 PM UTC


Your landlord sounds like a great guy. Forget that lawyer crap I said.

It's interesting that you're getting along better with your neighbors now that you're treating them with indifference. If I might speculate, this helps them justify their beliefs about white people - that we are just as fixated on race as they are and out to do them harm. They also just don't like us. Towards the bottom, this post covers the psychology of racism and projection:
responds:September 25, 2017 12:36 AM UTC

Steve an I have known each other for over 20 years. he did defend me against these charges and is such a straight arrow that he never saw it that way, just saw himself as setting the record straight, letting people know that I was not a bad guy, just a weirdo.

We sat down this evening for three hours and talked about this—for 15 minutes and were then off into such subjects as The History of The Papal Swiss Guard, The Unibomber, Russian Science-Fiction, Boxing, the Supreme Court...

Steve has taught predominantly lack children karate for 25 years and treats all of his students as if they are his son or daughter. The current PC climate has him shaking his head, a college dropout [he got shot defending black dude from a white criminal] Steve finds himself better read than any of the people with masters degrees he associates with and thinks that much of our social problem stems from lack of historical reading. He is currently ending some of our joint library of history books to his students.

The racial fixation and projection is a huge problem in work environments around Baltimore. My experience is that older blacks from the Carolinas and Georgia immediately type me as not being "color struck," and that blacks from Baltimore and most younger blacks cannot fathom that I do not hate them and either settle on me being a liar or being insane.
Steve JansenSeptember 24, 2017 3:55 PM UTC


Having read this I feel like I'm being exposed to some sort of parallel universe. The thought of me asking you to leave has not, in any way, crossed my mind. My talking to you about this was more a way of me forewarning you of potential problems. Should it come down to making a choice - that is a no brainer, you have been beyond reproach in every way. As to me defending anyone my reaction is - huh?? From my perspective I was just laying the facts on the table - not "defending" anyone. I think you know me well enough to know that the last thing I would ever do is to defend the indefensible (Donna excluded).
responds:September 24, 2017 8:12 PM UTC

And Steve, I understand that, and knew right out of the gate, that you would stand on principal. You're the most honorable guy I know. However, in these days of social media insanity, you could end up with Oprah fans picketing your front lawn and calling for my expulsion.
PRSeptember 24, 2017 3:51 PM UTC

The fact that you've already been nice to these people and they hate you for it is pretty typical of black people. They are harsh and rude towards each other, and that's what they understand. They see kindness as weakness. This seems to be typical of all criminals, and black culture is largely a criminal culture since so many are involved in crime.
PRSeptember 24, 2017 9:54 AM UTC


Nowadays, the truth is no defense. Despite actually knowing black people and having black friends, you are a realist. Realism involves thought which involves categorization (thoughtcrime). Therefore, you are a 'white supremacist' by the postmodern definition.

You will be in my prayers. Price a local abandoned or cheap house and see how much it would take to buy it. You might be able to raise enough through donations on this site for a down payment.

However, the landlord has no legal basis for evicting you but the lease may say that the landlord is free to evict you without cause. If the contract does not say this, perhaps a lawyer could write a letter to the landlord if you receive an eviction notice.

Your personal beliefs are none of the other tenant's business nor your landlord's business. It's quite likely the complaining tenant has unsavory thoughts about white people. Perhaps you could bait the tenant into voicing a few of these thoughts while you record them on your cell phone. Or you could try the soft approach and try to win the tenant over with your considerable reasonableness. I'd try the latter first. Bear in mind that black paranoia is considerable probably owing to the pot and the fact that the media tells them to be paranoid and black 'leaders' are always telling them that whitey is out to get them. There's a YouTube video of Maxine Waters or some other black congresswoman telling her constituents that the government made thousands of black people disappear in the swamp after the hurricane that flooded New Orleans. Therefore, towards black people, I am personally a soft bigot of low expectations to paraphrase Thomas Sowell.
responds:September 24, 2017 3:58 PM UTC

Thanks, PR,

All truth aside, I remain evil beyond all redemption and revel in my wickedness.

This episode has actually made me feel much better about who and what I am.

This also permits me to save energy which I had been expending needlessly—in fact, one of these folk is a woman whose groceries I have carried for her!

I normally stand aside, give the right-of-way to the master race, and say good morning as they grumble by.

This morning I just walked rudely by and they seemed more comfortable with that.

I love the hate of others beamed into my abysmally unrepentant soul.
BobSeptember 24, 2017 8:23 AM UTC

Sorry to learn of this. I hope your landlord takes the heat. Take care.
responds:September 24, 2017 1:19 PM UTC

If he asks me to go I understand. It would make some things easier, but he was genuinely troubled about this and defended the indefensible fiend he rents a room to.