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Transit Pigs...
Pig Out!

Cops are pigs.

Are you a cop?

Than you know.

Nothing says, "Welcome home you white trash piece-of-shit," like cops breaking the law!

As soon as my flight got into BWI airport this afternoon I made my way to the transport zone and witnessed two Transit Authority Cops—the cunts who lost two vehicles burned in front of the CVS store in May 2015—bullying sedans out of the pick up lane where regular folks were trying to pick up sons and daughters and grandmas and grandpas—so that their sissy asses cold park in the pick up lane and head into the concourse to enjoy their Chick Fillet dinners.

It should have been pulled pork—boooooooys!

4:45, P.M., 9/23/17, DELTA pickup, a tall sweet-hipped pussy and a short, Clark Kent looking wimp, both Caucasian.

Masculine Axis: A Meditation on Manhood and Heroism

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